A Call Unto Darkness





Event Summary:

Difficulty Extreme
Boss Type Demon
Boss Element Dark
Gimmicks Blocks, Laser Barriers, Summon, Homing Absorbers, Wind
Minion Element Dark
Speed Clear 28
Difficulty ★★ 2/6

Event Overview:

No Real Hazards! Bring Slayers!

This dungeon doesn't have hazards that can hinder you. Herald of Death is a Demon so bring Demon Slayer or Demonsbane monsters. Also this dungeon only has Dark monsters so Dark Slayer will be helpful

Null Blocks for Faster Clear

There are a ton of Blocks in the dungeon that can stop your monsters from going places. You can bring Null Block monsters to move around the map to deal damage or reach your more damaging allies.

Grow the Candies!

Candies acts as hearts in the dungeon. You can stall them to gain more candy which will help you get more Stingy Jacks from your Mission Logs. Alternatively, you can bring monsters with Item Growth SS to instantly upgrade them.

Team Compositions

Team Compositions:

Main Leah the Renewed(Ascension)
Sub 1 The Rose Monstriker(Evolution)
Sub 2 Sacrificial Princess Kushinada(Evolution)
Friend Parvati the Invincible(Ascension)
Team Explanation:
The team is comprised of Null Block pierce-sling monsters to collect candy and take advantage of Kushinada's plasma bump-combo. Leah is a reliable max-luck to make and her homing-18 bump-combo is effective once homing-absorbers are removed. Kushinada is both a Vivolith Slayer vs Homing-absorbers and has a Motivational SS.
Main Lucas, Bedrock of Hope(Ascension)
Sub 1 Lord Thundergriff(Evolution)
Sub 2 Vishnu the Preserver(Evolution)
Friend Twin Deva Daikoku(Evolution)
Team Explanation:
An all-light, all-drop team; three are powerful Demon Slayers. Easily substitute Mist for a 4th slayer, or as another Max Luck use Leah the Renewed.

1st Stage! Aim for the Summoner! 

Progression Order
1. Defeat the mob on the top left
2. Defeat the remaining mobs

The mob on the top left summons mobs. Take him down first to limit the amount of mobs on the map. You want to defeat in Turn 1 since the Blocks will come up after Turn 1 to block your monster's path.

2nd Stage! Defeat the Summoner on Turn 2!

Progression Order
1. Defeat the summoner mob on the bottom right
2. Defeat the remaining mobs

The mob that summons other mobs are on the bottom are surrounded by Blocks. After Turn 1, the Blocks will come down so make sure you take him down or else he will summon more mobs. You want to have your monsters in the middle of the map for the next stage.


3rd Stage! Take Down Homing Absorbers!

Progression Order
1. Defeat the Homing Absorbers
2. Defeat Diablo
3. Defeat the summoned mobs

Take down the Homing Absorbers first to make room for your monsters, especially the ones that are above or below the Block line. Diablo is also a Demon so your Demon Slayers and Demonsbane monsters will have good effect on them. Position your monsters on the top right for the next stage, especially your Slayers.

Boss Attack Pattern

Placement Attack
Top Right
(5 Turns)
Ex Laser / Cross Laser
~8000 per hit
Bottom Right
(2 Turns)
Energy Circle
~3000 per hit
Top Left
(1 Turn, 2 After)
(1 Turn, 2 After)


1st Boss Stage! Quickly Take Down the Boss!

Herald of Death's HP: 1.2 million

Progression Order
1. Defeat Herald of Death
2. Defeat the remaining mobs

Herald of Death has low HP so your Slayers can quickly finish her off. She sucks your monsters in for her Energy Circle so you want to take her down before then. Position your monsters on the bottom left side of the map for the next stage.

2nd Boss Stage! Get Close to Herald!

Herald of Death's HP: 2.2 million

Progression Order
1. Defeat Herald of Death
2. Defeat the remaining mobs

Herald of Death will blow your monsters away from her into her Energy Circle; monsters on her left side will not be affected due to the wall so constantly aim for that tight spot. The range of her Energy Circle is bigger than the previous stage so you want to get close to her as possible to avoid damage.

3rd Boss Stage! Strike Shot After the Summon!

Herald of Death's HP: 4.0 million

Progression Order
1. Use multi-target SS to mob clear after Herald of Death summons mobs
2. Use single-target SS onto Herald of Death

If you have SS like Command or Meteor SS, use it after Herald of Death summons one mob. Herald of Death has a lot of HP so if you don't have a lot of strong SS, make sure you clear the mobs first to mitigate as much damage as you can.