The Celestial Magnus Opus




Ascension Materials for:

Event Summary:

Difficulty Extreme
Boss Ability Vivolith Slayer
Boss Type Etherean
Boss Element Light
Gimmicks Gravity Barriers, Damage Walls, Moving (mobs), Shields, Drones
Minion Element Light
Speed Clear 17
Difficulty ★★★ 3/6

Event Overview:

You Need Null Gravity!

There are gravity-wells everywhere. Even though there are mob-/shield-/drone-created damage-walls, your monsters need NGB or they won't do enough damage and become sitting ducks for the rampaging mobs.

Pick Your Pinch Spots

Many of the moving minions spread out just enough for a well-aimed bounce-sling to wedge between them and pinch them both for massive damage. With pierce-slings or laser bump-combos, you can hit them all at once when they clump up.