Creator of Earth and Sea





Event Summary:

Difficulty Impossible
Boss Ability All-element Resistance
Boss Type Deity
Boss Element Light
Gimmicks Warps, Damage Walls, Poisons, Moving Boss, Drones
Minion Element Light
Speed Clear 12
Difficulty ★★★★★ 5/6

Event Overview:

Bring Null Warp or Null Damage Wall Monsters!

There will be a lot of warps and damage walls in the dungeon. It will be great if your monsters have both nulls for the dungeon. If you don't bring Null Warp monsters over Null Damage Wall ones since the damage walls do not do a lot of damage.

Do Not Bring Discordi or Demihume Monsters

The Fellmane and Mech Birds have Demihume Slayer and Discordi Slayer respectively. Some noteable ones are Kii (Discordi), Kushinada (Demihume), and Sarutobi Sasuke (Demihume).

First Stage! Bounce between the monsters

  1. Aim for the gap between the pairs of monsters

Like Yamato, the minions appear in pairs so defeat them by bouncing between them.  The minions have high attack so get rid of them quickly.  If your monsters don't have null warp, try to position your monsters to exit the warp so they hit the gap between the monster pairs.

Second Stage! Minions at the four corners

  1. Defeat all but one minion, if you are using Kushinada, prioritize the lion
  2. Stall for your SS
  3. Try to position your monsters at the lower right corner for the next stage

Lion HP ~ 500,000  |  Visceron HP ~ 500,000

The monsters are initially located between the wall on the four corners.Try to aim between the monster and the wall to one-shot them the first turn.  In the next turns, they will move dealing an explosive position attack.  In their diamond formation, try to aim between the wall to deal decent damage.  You can avoid damage by positioning your monsters on the corners of the stage.  If you have a Kushinada, defeat the lions first.

Third Stage! Position between the bottom right wall and Izanami

  1. Focus attack on Izanami

Defeating Izanami will immediately let you move on to the next stage.  You can deal high damage and avoid taking damage from the Bahamut by positiong between her and the wall on the bottom right side of the stage.  If your team has lots of grass monsters, you want to get through this stage as quickly as possible.

Boss HP ~ 2 million

Upper Right (3 Turns) Diffusion Bullets (3,000 per monster)
Lower Right (2 Turns) Ex-laser (3,500 per monster)
Upper Left (5 Turns) Reflect Laser
Lower Left (12 Turns) -


Try to position away from her ex-laser that hits every two turns, luckily, it does not deal too much damage.  The top left position is a very deadly place to be.

Stage Four! Careful of the high damage cross laser

  1. Defeat the shadowgaffs on the upper right/ lower left
  2. Defeat Kushinada

The shadowgaffs have the possibility of stunning your monsters so you want to get rid of them quickly.  At all costs, try your best to avoid her cross laser by positioning at the 4 corners of the stage.  Her cross laser hits every two turns and deals ~ 70,000 damage.  

Boss HP ~ 1.7 million

Upper Right (19 turns) -
Lower Right (2 turns) Cross Laser (7,000 per monster)
Upper Left (1 turn) Warp
Lower Left (3 turns) Revive


Stage Five! Use your SS to defeat the minions

  1. Defeat the minions while dealing consistent damage to Yamato
  2. Defeat Yamato

Upon stage entry, your team will take ~ 30,000 damage, this is unavoidable.  Defeat the minions first or focus all attack on Yamato if you are confident that you can defeat him within 8 turns.  It is ok to use 1-2 of your strike shots this turn.  Try to avoid Yamato's cross laser that hits every 3 turns (~60,000 damage).

HP of boss ~ 1.7 million

Upper Right  (7 turns, first hits in one turn) Meteor (~30,000 entire team)
Lower Right (2 turns) Laser (4,000 per monster)
Upper Left (3 turns) Cross Laser ( 6,000 per hit)
Lower Left (13 turns) One-way Lock-on (110,000 damage)


Stage Six! Defeat the turtle quickly

  1. Defeat the turtle

The tutrles white explosion deals 45,000 damage.  Do not stall for your strike shots.  Luckily, the turtle has relatively low HP.

Boss HP ~ 200,000

Stage Seven! Base form Izanagi

  1. Defeat the white lion if you have a Kushinada (Demihume Slayer)
  2. Defeat Izanagi mini boss

The monsters in this stage don't have high damage attacks but be wary of Izanagi's diffusion bulles and reflect laser.  If you have a Kushinada, defeat the lion because it has Demihume slayer.  Now position beneath Izanagi so you can better avoid the upcomming attacks.

Boss HP ~ 3 million

Upper Right (2 Turns) Explosion diffusion bullets (1,500 per hit)
Lower Right (1 Turn) Explosion move (little damage)
Upper Left (5 Turns) Random Lighting Meteor (25,000 team)
Lower Left (13 Turns, first hits in one turn) First does around 12,500, second and subsequent deal 20,000 per monster


Final Stage! Note the minions and their attacks

  1. Prioritize only killing one minion (lion if you are using Kushinada)
  2. Use strike shots and the wall to finish off Izanagi

After the first turn, Izanagi will fire a white explosion and move.  This will deal around 20,000 damage per monster.  If you had positioned your monsters on the bottom of the stage, you won't take too much damage.  Try to position your monsters so they wedge between Izanagi and the wall the turn before Izanagi moves.

Boss HP ~ 5.1 million

There is a match shot point between Izanagi's upper left hand and the foot of the lion.