The Dark Tyrant's Conquest




Ascension Materials for:

Event Summary:

Difficulty Extreme
Boss Ability Mech Slayer L
Boss Type Fiend
Boss Element Dark
Gimmicks Damage Walls, Shields, Conveyors
Minion Element Dark
Speed Clear 18
Difficulty ★★★ 3/6

Event Overview:

Bring Null Damage Wall Monsters

There will be multiple damage walls showing up at once and the conveyors will force your monsters to move at unintentional directions. Bring Null Damage Wall monsters to not take damage from them.

No Mech Monsters

Boss is a Mech Slayer L so mech monsters will take x2.5 more damage. Although there are not many Mech monsters with NDW (besides Gigamantis), it should be noted for future reference.

Team Compositions

Team Compositions:

Main Cat Goddess Bastet(Evolution)
Sub 1 Izanagi the Worldmaker(Evolution)
Sub 2 Demon Slayer Momotaro(Ascension)
Friend Alice in Wonderland(Evolution)
Team Explanation:
Main Nidhogg Blackbringer(Ascension)
Sub 1 Wolffiend Visceron(Evolution)
Sub 2 Demon Queen Nobunaga(Evolution)
Friend Dark Usurper Zeus(Ascension)
Team Explanation:
Main Merciless Deathscoil(Ascension)
Sub 1 Nidhogg Blackbringer(Ascension)
Sub 2 Oryo the Restorer(Ascension)
Friend Dark Emperor Tini(Ascension)
Team Explanation:
Main Yoshimune the Sharpshooter(Evolution)
Sub 1 Nero the Tyrant(Evolution)
Sub 2 Grand Yamato Takeru(Evolution)
Friend Lamp Master Aladdin(Evolution)
Team Explanation:

First Stage! Destroy the Gunmen!

Progression Order
1. Defeat the gunmen
2. Defeat all the other mobs besides the ninja

You have to defeat the gunmen in the middle row since they deal high damage. After defeating the other monsters, you can leave the ninja alive to stall for strike shots. There are conveyors under the bulls.

Second Stage! Utilize the Conveyors!

Progression Order
1. Defeat the mobs
2. Defeat Dong Zhuo

You can use the conveyors to easily get damage towards the mobs and the boss. You can use them to pinch between Dong Zhuo's head and the Squing! There is a speed down conveyor under the boss so pierce monsters should avoid them.

Third Stage! Bounce for Fast Clear!

Progression Order
1. Defeat the mobs
2. Defeat Dong Zhuo

Shields do move and does explosions while move so make sure you not clump up your monsters. You can bounce between the boss and the walls on the bottom left corner to deal a lot of damage. It is best to not have an endurance battle so clear asap!


Boss Attack Pattern

(3 Turns)
Ex Laser
~7000 per hit
(11 Turns)
~52,000 total
Bottom Left
(5 Turns)
~10,000 per hit
Bottom Right
(2 Turns)


1st Boss Stage! Beware of the Ex Laser!

Dong Zhuo's HP: 1.4 million

Progression Order
1. Defeat the mobs at the top
2. Defeat knight while damaging Dong Zhuo

First you have to defeat the gunman just like the first stage. Take note of the top CD since it has a low CD but does a lot of damage to your monsters. Position your monsters away from it.He also moves around the map so be on your toes!


2nd Boss Stage! Bounce Between the Wall and Dong Zhuo!

Dong Zhuo's HP: 2.2 million

Progression Order
1. Defeat the mobs
2. Defeat Dong Zhuo

Since you will take damage from his Ex Laser if you bounce on Dong Zhuo's left side and the wall, it is recommended to bounce on his bottom side. He will move from Bottom Left->Middle->Top Right->Middle. When he is at the top right, bounce on his top side and not the right side.


Final Boss Stage! Battle Where There are No Conveyors!

Dong Zhuo's HP: 3.5 million

Progression Order
1. Use your strike shots while clearing mobs

There are speed down conveyors on the top and bottom side of the map. It will be difficult to damage the boss so battle on the middle section of the map. Use your strike shots on Dong Zhuo and make sure you clear mobs at the same time. Just like the other floors, be aware of his Ex Laser.