Evernight Shrine - Time Trial

Event Summary:

Difficulty Extreme
Boss Ability Demon Slayer
Boss Type Fiend
Boss Element Dark
Gimmicks Damage Walls, Drones, Shields, Ability Locks, Revivers, Poison
Minion Element Dark

Event Overview:

Time Clear: 60 seconds

Bring Null Damage Wall Monsters

There will be a lot of situations where there will be at least 2 damage walls up at a time. Bring all NDW monsters to combat the gimmick.

Avoid Slash's Attacks

Just like the original Slash dungeon, you can avoid his attacks. It will make runs more stable if you can avoid those attacks.

1st Stage! Clear the Ninjas First!

Progression Order
1. Defeat the bottom ninjas
2. Defeat the mech birds
3. Defeat the top ninjas

The mech birds can ability lock your monsters. Since it will be hard to clear the mech birds before they do the attack, clear the ninjas first to limit the amount of damage walls that will be appearing.

Invade! Clear the Mobs!

Mini Boss' HP: 2.0 million

Progression Order
1. Defeat the mech birds
2. Defeat the ninjas
3. Defeat the bomb mobs
4. Defeat the mini boss

Clear the mech birds to mitigate damage from them. The mini boss will do an ability lock every 2 turns so clear at least one ninja before it hits. The mini boss will do a hard hitting spread shot attack (right CD) so make sure your HP is high enough to take it or to move on before then.

Boss' Attack Pattern

(11 Turns)
~120000 total
(2 Turns)
Energy Circle
~6000 per monster
(7 Turns)
Cross Laser
~10000 per hit
(1 Turn, 4 Turns after)
Ability Lock
~8000 per monster


1st Boss Stage! Clear the Mech Birds First!

Slash's HP: 2.1 million

Progression Order
1. Defeat the mech birds
2. Defeat the ninjas
3. Defeat Slash

Clear the mech birds first since they will use ability locks on your monsters. Avoid Slash's Energy Circle attack while clearing the mobs.

2nd Boss Stage! Attack Both Boss and Snakes!

Slash's HP: 3.1 million

Progression Order
1. Defeat Slash while clearing the snake mobs
2. Defeat the revivers
3. Defeat the remaining snakes

The shield and drone will be blocking access to deal damage to the reviver. Therefore you have to clear Slash before you can take it down. Poison damage does stack up so clear the snakes while you are taking down Slash.

3rd Boss Stage! Clear the Mobs Around Slash!

Slash's HP: 2.6 million

Progression Order
1. Defeat the bomb mob
2. Defeat Slash
3. Defeat the ninja

Clear the bomb mobs to make room for your team to move around and to deal damage to Slash. You can bounce between the bomb mob and Slash to deal high damage to both of them.

4th Boss Stage! Use Your Strike Shots!

Slash's HP: 3.1 million

Progression Order
1. Use your strike shots on Slash

Slash doesn't have that much HP for multiple strike shots. Use all of them to quickly finish him off!