The First Day's Dream





Event Summary:

Difficulty Extreme
Boss Type Beast
Boss Element Fire
Gimmicks Blocks, Pop-up Blocks, Movement, Knockout, Revivers
Minion Element Fire
Speed Clear 22
Difficulty ★★ 2/6

Event Overview:

Bring Water Monsters

There are no real hazards in this dungeon. Since there are only Fire enemies, bring all Water monsters to inflict more while mitigating damage received.

Focus on Mob Clear

The seated mobs will do a meteor (lower right) that has a high chance of dizzying a teammate. Dizzied marbles are stunned and cannot move on their turn; they are cured after being hit (by an ally or enemy after they get stunned) or three turns pass. Make sure you focus on these mobs first, especially since the boss and zombies will continually revive them.

Team Compositions

Team Compositions:

Main Atlantean Dax(Evolution)
Sub 1 Empress Butterfly(Evolution)
Sub 2 Louis XIII the Azure Shield(Evolution)
Friend War Goddess Athena(Evolution)
Team Explanation:
  • Dax has a blast bump to proc allies', a pierce-sling to grab items, and is easy to obtain and max-luck
  • Butterflight can deal damage without having to use her SS, and is easy to obtain and max-luck
  • Louis has a homing-18 for minion-clearing, an easy-to-aim SS, Fire Resist, and is not hard to obtain
  • Athena has an energy circle for minion-clearing and Fire Resistance
The 4th slot can be virtually any 6* hatcher monster; or use Great Minister Kiyomori, another high-damage monster with Fire Resistance (but she is harder to obtain and ascend).

1st Stage! Battle From the Bottom Side!

Progression Order
1. Defeat the zombie
2. Defeat the mobs

Take down the zombie first to stop the reviving. The mobs above the block line have a Short Spread you want to avoid, but they also have a Meteor that can knock your allies out. You can cure knocked-out allies by bumping into them. (Their bump-combos will still activate even while knocked-out.)

2nd Stage! Bounce Between Enemies

Daisy's HP: 2.4 million

Progression Order
1. Defeat the mobs
2. Defeat Daisy

Take down mobs as fast as you can. The most efficient way is to bounce between each mob to deal damage. Position your monsters on the top side of the map for the next stage.

3rd Boss Stage! Aim for the Top Mobs!

Daisy's HP: 2.4 million

Progression Order
1. Defeat the top mobs
2. Defeat the bottom mobs
3. Defeat Daisy

The top mobs are the ones with the Knockout Meteor. Take them down or else they can stop your allies from moving. Daisy has a powerful Horizon Laser so it is best to not be beside her.

Boss' Attack Pattern

Placement Attack
Top Left
(5 Turns)
Revive 2 mobs
(mobs with Meteor)
Bottom Left
(4 Turns)
Horizontal Laser
L = ~12000 per hit
S = ~5000 per hit
Top Right
(1 Turn, 2 After)
~10000 total
Bottom Right
(7 Turns)
Homing Shot
~42000 total


1st Boss Stage! Aim for the Top and Bottom of Daisy!

Daisy's HP: 1.6 million

Progression Order
1. Defeat the mobs
2. Defeat Daisy

After clearing the mobs, aim for the top and bottom of Daisy to deal damage and avoid her Horizontal Lasers.

2nd Boss Stage! Focus on the Mobs

Daisy's HP: 2.5 million

Progression Order
1. Defeat the mobs
2. Defeat Daisy

There are a lot of mobs so try your best to defeat as many as you can before their Meteors hit. Attack from the top and bottom like the previous stage and avoid the Horizontal Laser from Daisy.

3rd Boss Stage! Use Strike Shots!

Daisy's HP: 3.9 million

Progression Order
1. Defeat Daisy with Strike Shots

Daisy has a lot more HP in this stage, so use all your SS to take her down! Make sure you don't stop next to her!