Friend? Foe? Woodn't Know




Ascension Materials for:

Event Summary:

Difficulty Extreme
Boss Ability Null Gravity Barrier
Boss Type Demon Mancer
Boss Element Wood
Gimmicks Damage Walls, Drones, Laser Barriers, Homing Absorbers, Poison
Minion Element Wood, Water
Speed Clear 18
Difficulty ★★★ 3/6

First stage! There are Homing absorbers and Laser barrier!

Procedure of conquest

  1. Defeat the Tengu.
  2. Defeat the monsters with guns.
  3. Defeat homing absorbers.

If you don't have monsters with NDW, focus on Tengu and get rid of the drones.  Now prioritize defeating the monsters with guns because their cross lasers can deal a considerable amount of damage.

Second stage! Prioritize getting rid of damage walls!

Procedure of conquest

  1. Defeat the tigers.
  2. Defeat the robots with reflect lasers.
  3. Defeat rest of monsters.

Like last stage, if you don't have monsters with NDW, focus on the tigers while avoiding the damage walls.  Now defeat the reamining monsters.

Third stage! Attacks from flowers are insane!

Procedure of conquest

  1. Defeat all flowers.
  2. Defeat the mini boss.

Spread shots from the flower monsters inflict a decent amount of damage. If you take all the hits, you will recieve up to 40,000 damage. Getting rid of them before they can attack is an ideal strategy.

Boss Moveset:

3 Turns (Top): Reflect laser Damage:

~6000 (Per hit)

5 Turns (Right): Shock waves Damage:

~3000 (Per hit)

7 Turns (Left): Fire blast Damage:


11 Turns (Down): White blast Damage:

~20000 (All)

First boss stage! Remember your priorities!

Procedure of conquest

  1. Defeat reflect laser and tigers on top side of stage.
  2. Defeat reflect laser on down left.
  3. Defeat flowers.
  4. Defeat Tengu.

Get rid of all monsters first before Tengu. They all have high damage attacks, so try to get rid of them as quickly as possible.

Boss's HP: ~ 1.6 million.

Second boss stage! Get in between monsters!

Procedure of conquest

  1. Defeat monsters on left side.
  2. Defeat the mini boss.
  3. Defeat Tengu.

Like last stage, get rid of all the small monsters on the left side first.  Try to defeat them within three turns.  If you can ricochet your monsters between them or bounce off the wall to hit them, it'll make it a lot easier.  Using one strike shot in this stage is acceptable.

Boss's HP: ~ 2.2 million

Third boss stage! Use your strike shots and defeat both Tengu and other monsters!

Procedure of conquest

  1. Use strike shots and get rid of as much monsters as possible.
  2. Defeat Tengu.

There are lots of monsters in this stage and it's hard to move your monsters around. Using strike shots (meteor or leading ally to enemy) is ideal in this stage. Watch out for Tengu's fire attack.

Boss's HP: ~ 3.8 million