Heroic General




Ascension Materials for:

Event Summary:

Difficulty Extreme
Boss Ability Discordi Slayer
Boss Type Samurai
Boss Element Wood
Gimmicks Warps, Revivers, Shields, Gravity (Savage)
Minion Element Wood
Speed Clear 12
Difficulty ★★★ 3/6

Event Overview:

All monsters are wood attribue!

  • There are no water attribute monsters so take a team of all fire.  It will reduce damage taken and increase damage dealt.

Defeat revivers at the same time

  • There are reviver loops that must be stopped by defeating multiple revivers during the same turn.

Gimmicks are not too troublesome

  • Lack of NGB and NDW make this dungeon's gimmicks not a major obstacle, allowing you to better focus on killing the revivers.

First stage! Resurrectors Resurrecting Resurrectors!

Procedure of Conquest:
1. At the start of every turn, defeat the Green Smydras and Cap'n Shrumps and maintain damage on the Resurrector but do not kill it.
2. Defeat the low HP Resurrector at the same time or you must repeat Step 1.
3. Defeat the rest of the small monsters or stall for Strike Shots.

The resurrectors will resurrect each other if you don't kill both of them at the same time. Keep clearing the small monsters and maintain damage on the resurrector.  Once both Resurrectors are low on HP, kill both of them.  Keep the remaining monsters alive to charge up your strike shots.

Second stage! Why Can't We Have Nice Things?

Procedure of Conquest:
1. Defeat at least two Green Smydras each time they revive.
2. Ignore the rest of the Green Smydras and focus on Tokugawa.
4. Repeat until you defeat Tokugawa.

Tokugawa acts as this stage's ressurector and will resurrect all Green Smydras once every two turns, unfortunately, the Green smydras have a high damage output so keep clearing them while maintaining damage on Tokugawa.

Third stage! Charge Up Your Strike Shots!

Procedure of Conquest:
1. Defeat Tokugawa.
2. Defeat three of the Cap'n Shrumps.
3. Stall and charge up your Strike Shots.

The Cap'n Shrumps in this stage have a low damage output compared to the other monsters so focus on Tokugawa and defeat her first. The boss fight will begin next stage, so if your Strike Shots are not ready yet, clear out all of the Cap'n Shrumps except one and charge them up.

Boss Moveset:
7 Turns (Up right): Homing Shots 
Damage: ~15000
11 Turns (Down right): Giga blast
Damage (All): ~20000
2 Turns (Left): Warp gate 
Damage: None
2 Turns (Right): Revive 
Damage: None

First boss stage! Prioritize Defeating the Green Smydras Instead of the Boss!

Procedure of Conquest:
1. Defeat at least two Green Smydras on first turn.
2. Ignore the last Green Smydra and focus on Tokugawa.
3. Repeat until you defeat Tokugawa.

The high damage Green Smydras appear in this stage again so focus on defeating them first and then focus on the boss.  If your strike shots are ready, you can use it in this stage.

Boss HP: ~1.7 Million

Second boss stage! Just a Little More!

Procedure of Conquest: (for speed clear)
1. Defeat Tokugawa.
2. Defeat the small monsters on the bottom side of map.
3. Defeat rest of small monsters.

Procedure of Conquest: (If you don't have strike shot)
1. Defeat the two small monsters under Tokugawa.
2. Try and defeat Tokugawa.
3. Repeat until Tokugawa is dead and use the rest of the monsters to stall and charge up your strike shot.

This stage's monters are very weak compared to the last, because of this, try to defeat Tokugawa and then clearout the small monsters. To prepare for the final boss stage, you want to save one monster to charge up and heal before moving on. For teams trying for a speed clear, defeat all but one and reposition for the final stage.

Boss HP: ~2 Million

Third boss stage (Final)! FIRE EVERYTHING!

Procedure of Conquest:
1. Use all remaining Strike Shots on the boss.
2. Position your monsters between Tokugawa and left side of wall or under.
3. Bounce between wall and defeat the boss.

Use all remaining Strike Shots on Tokugawa. If Tokugawa isn't dead yet, clear out the Green Smydras and avoid taking damage from them.  Having your monsters positioned between the left side of the wall and Tokugawa will help deal massive damage to her.

Boss HP: ~3 Million