Hexfolia Shrine - Time Trial

Event Summary:

Difficulty Extreme
Boss Ability Fiend Slayer
Boss Type Nebulan
Boss Element Wood
Gimmicks Warps, Damage Walls, Shields, Drones, Revivers, Movement
Minion Element Wood, Water

Event Overview:

Time Clear: 65 seconds

Loads of Warps!

The main gimmicks are Warps and Damage Walls. However, stack NW monsters since you will not deal any damage to monsters without it. It is recommended to bring monsters that deal with both gimmicks.

Bring Fire Monsters

Although there are Water monsters, they are just mobs that shoot warps and they don't do damage. Stack your team with Fire monsters to mitigate and dish damage.

Bring Meteor or Command SS

The last stage of the boss has high HP and the mobs includes the Shadowgaff who will stun you. Use those SS to instantly clear the mobs so you can focus on the boss.

1st Stage! Stall for SS!

Progression Order
1. Defeat the top row of mobs
2. Leave one mob up and stall for SS

Clear the top row since they shoot out damage walls. This is the only floor (not including invade) before going to the boss so this is where you can only stall for SS. Leave one warp mob and stall as much as you can.

Invade! Don't Clump Up!

Mini Boss' HP: 2.5 million

Progression Order
1. Defeat the mini boss
2. Defeat the revivers
3. Defeat the summoned mech birds
4. Defeat the warp mobs

The mini boss will summon mech birds after turn 1. The mini boss has a powerful rebound laser on the top right CD. Since he has high HP, it is highly unlikely to clear him within 5 turns so make sure you don't clump up your monsters to mitigate damage taken.

Boss' Attack Pattern

(7 Turns)
~6000 per hit
(2 Turns)
Lock-on Laser
~5000 per hit
(5 Turns)
Ex Laser
~10000 per hit
Top Left
(11 Turns)
~40000 total


1st Boss Stage! Clear Mobs First!

Saturn's HP: 1.8 million

Progression Order
1. Defeat the revivers
2. Defeat the mech birds
3. Defeat Saturn
4. Defeat the warp mobs

Mech birds deal a lot of damage. Also the revivers will bring them back so clear the revivers first and then the mech birds. Make sure you avoid the Ex Laser from Saturn. As long as you are at the bottom side of the map, you will not take that much damage from it.

2nd Boss Stage! Defeat the Shadowgaff First!

Saturn's HP: 1.8 million

Progression Order
1. Defeat the Shadowgaff
2. Defeat Saturn
3. Defeat the warp mobs

Just like from Kushinada's dungeon, the Shadowgaff can stun you and make you skip a turn. Clear them first so it will be easier to defeat Saturn.

3rd Boss Stage! Clear the Buffalos First!

Saturn's HP: 2.2 million

Progression Order
1. Defeat the buffalos
2. Defeat Saturn
3. Defeat the warp mobs

The buffalos' movement damage may be little but it does add up and there are quite a number of them. Make sure you clear them first before focusing on Saturn.

4th Boss Stage! Strike Shot the Shadowgaff and Saturn!

Saturn's HP: 3.1 million

Progression Order
1. Use SS to defeat the Shadowgaff and deal damage to Saturn
2. Defeat Saturn

To not be able to get stun from the Shadowgaff, clear them first. You can use strike shots to clear them while dealing damage to Saturn. Recommened ones are Meteor or Command style strike shots.