Little Warrior in Red




Ascension Materials for:

Event Summary:

Difficulty Extreme
Boss Ability Demon Slayer (Pre evolved)
Boss Type Demihume
Boss Element Fire
Gimmicks Gravity Barrier, Warp, Resurrection
Minion Element Fire, Light
Speed Clear 20
Difficulty ★★ 2/6

First stage! Rule #2 of Zombieland-Double Tap!

Procedure Of Conquest:
1. Defeat the Resurrectors.
2. Defeat the Warp Generator.
3. Defeat the Mini Boss.
4. Defeat all but one White Smydra and stall for your Strike Shots.

The Mini Boss and the other small monsters all have a very low damage output but the Resurrector and the Warp Generator can cause a bit of a hassle for you and your team when you are positioning and applying your damage to the boss. Getting rid of them should be the first priority in any stage of this dungeon. After defeating the Mini Boss, the Resurrector, and the Warp Generator, save a White Smydra to stall for your strike shots and to get into a better position for the next stage.


Second Stage! Let's Go on a Warpventure!

Procedure of Conquest:

1. Defeat Momotaro.
2. Defeat the Ressurectors and Warp Generators.
3. Defeat the Kaboos.

If your team did not successfully position themselves at the end of the last stage, trying to position yourselves now will be even harder, because of this your priority list will change. Defeating the Ressurectors and the Warp generators will now become your priority as the Warp Generators will try and most likely succeed in pulling you out of position and the Resurrectors will only keep bringing them back if you dont kill them in time as well. After defeating the two annoyances, the next target is Momotaro, for teams utilizing Queen Arthur or Margarite, your best position is under him as both of their bump combos deal a massive amount of damage. Upon defeating Momotaro, save a Kaboo for even more stalling and position for the next stage.

For teams who did position underneath Momotaro and have the appropriate bump combos such as upward facing lasers or any other high damaging bump combo, use your superior positioning to both hit Momotaro, the Resurrectors, and the Warp generators. if your damage isnt as fast as the Warp Generator, use one person on your team to take it out as that will help in both your damage and give you a smoother run. Upon defeating Momotaro and the other annoyances, use a Kaboo for stalling and positioning for the next stage.

First Boss Stage! Peaches Aren't So Squishy After All!

Procedure of Conquest:

1. Defeat the Orangaflang and Other Smaller Monsters.
2. Defeat the Warp Generator.
3. Defeat Momotaro.

From this point on your team is now in a damage race with Momodaro. If you correctly positioned from last stage you should be either inbetween the top/side wall and Momotaro or below him, however the Warp Generator will make sure to send you on his random adventures regularly. Also be mindful of the other monsters in this stage, it's not only Momotaro who can do massive damage to your team. The other monsters, the Orangaflang in particular, can do massive damage to your team when positioned by him, which unfortunately, is also below Momotaro. Teams that can't handle the damage pouring on them should deal with the other monsters first to decrease the potential damage. 

Second Boss Stage! Warps, Revives, and Barriers OH MY!

Procedure of Conquest:

1. Defeat the Ressurector.
2. Defeat the Warp Generator.
3. Defeat Momotaro.
4. Defeat the rest of the monsters.

The annoying combo is back once again to ruin your life. Focusing on the Warp Generator, the Ressurrector, and Momotaro will be easy for this stage as any team that has the appropiate bump combo and positioned below all of them will successfully apply thier damage to all targets. Much like the last stage, try to apply your main damage to defeating Momotaro and if you cant keep up with the damage the enemies in this stage deal with them first then attack Momotaro.

Third boss stage (Final)! FIRE EVERYTHING!

Procedure of Conquest:

1. Use any and all Strike Shots on the boss.
2. Defeat Momotaro.

Since the only thing to worry about in this stage is the damage output of the enemies, focus all damage on Momotaro. You can defeat the Ressurectors as well as any other monster in the level to decrease the potential damage for a safer run but if you are trying to speed clear this dungeon you should only focus on the boss. HOWEVER!! Remember this is an extreme dungeon so that gives you an extra roll for Momotaro's egg if you don't spend an orb to continue, so don't get greedy on this dungeon or go to fast that you end up spending precious orbs.