Lupin Dungeon (EX Stage)





Event Summary:

Difficulty Extreme
Boss Ability Demon Slayer
Boss Type Demihume
Boss Element Water
Gimmicks Gravity Barrier, Warps, Movement, Summon, Stun, Revivers, Ability Locks
Minion Element Fire, Water, Wood, Light and Dark
Speed Clear 30
Difficulty ★★★★ 4/6

Event Overview:

Stack Null Gravity Barrier and Null Warp Monsters

There are a lot of gravity barriers in this dungeon. It is also a plus if your monsters also have Null Warp to move around the map better.

Don't Need Max Luck!

The boss only drops when he is defeated. You won't be able to get him from reward chests afterwards so don't worry about Max Luck and bring your best monsters!

1st Stage! Clear Within 7 Turns!

Inspector Zenigata's HP: 1.5 million

Progression Order
1. Bounce between the mobs
2. Defeat Inspector Zenigata

PInch between the two mobs with your bounce monsters to quickly defeat them. Defeat Zenigata within 7 turns, before his team-wide handcuff attack.

Boss' Attack Pattern

Top Right
(7 Turns)
Cross Laser
~9000 per hit
(12 Turns)
~80000 total
Bottom Right
(1 Turn)
Move to Mini Boss
If Mini Boss is defeated
Top Left
(2 Turns)
Lock-on Laser
~8000 per hit


1st Boss Stage! Clear the Mobs First!

Lupin the Third's HP: 2.6 million
Mine Fujiko's HP: 1.3 million

Progression Order
1. Defeat the mech birds
2. Defeat Mine Fujiko
3. Defeat Lupin the Third

Clear the mech birds first to mitigate damage. Fujiko will do a meteor attack that can put male teammates to sleep. If they are asleep, they won't be able to move during their turn and their bump combos will not activate. You can wake them up by bumping into them. Clear Fujiko within 7 turns, before her team-wide meteor.

2nd Boss Stage! Defeat the Ability Lock Mob!

Lupin the Third's HP: 2.8 million
Jigen Daisuke's HP: 1.3 million

Progression Order
1. Defeat the ability lock monster
2. Defeat Jigen Daisuke
3. Defeat Lupin the Third

The ability lock monster will make your NGB or NW be uneffective so defeat it first. Jigen's 8 turn attack deals a lot of damage so make sure you defeat them before it happens. 

3rd Boss Stage! Use Strike Shots on Multiple Targets!

Lupin the Third's HP: 3.6 million
Ishikawa Goemon's HP: 1.3 million

Progression Order
1. Defeat the ability lock monster
2. Use strike shots onto the mobs and Ishikawa Goemon
3. Defeat Lupin

Take out as many mobs with your strike shots as you can. Leave Lupin for last since he has a lot of HP and Goemon do a lot of damage along with the mobs.