The Moon's Eternal Dreamer





Event Summary:

Difficulty Impossible
Boss Ability Beast Slayer
Boss Type Deity
Boss Element Dark
Gimmicks Ability Locks, Gravity Barriers, Laser Barriers, Homing Absorbers, Revivers, Warps, Conveyors, Poisons and Damage Walls
Minion Element Dark
Speed Clear 27
Difficulty ★★★★★ 5/6

Event Overview:

Bring All Null Gravity Barrier Monsters

The first half of the dungeon is all Gravity Barriers. If you don't have NGB monsters, then you can't mob clear and you will take damage. Seeing that the dungeon has no heart items, you need to clear mobs. 

Have Over 23300 ATK

All you monsters should have 23300 ATK (17520 for Light monsters). This is the amount of ATK that you need to one shot the mobs. For a longer list that meets this requirement, check here.

Focus on Mobs over Boss and Prioritze! 

Bosses in the dungeon won't do much damage but the mobs do. You have to clean them in one shot to not take damage. Having Pierce monsters and monsters with Speed Up bump combo will make it an easier job. In cases where you can't, prioritze clearing them in this order:

1. Specters - Ability Locks your monsters
2. Homing Absorbers - Deals decent damage and revives all other mobs
3. Left Visceron - ATK down your monsters
4. Knights - Deals damage and revives some mobs
5. Right Visceron - Close Range Spreadshot

1st Stage! Clear the Homing Absorbers in One Shot!

Progression Order
1. Aim to defeat the specter first
2. Defeat the homing absorbers in one shot

Homing Absorbers will revive each order every turn so you have to clear them one shot. However, the Specter can ability lock your monster and it will lock their NGBs so make sure you clear him first. 

1st Stage! Clear the Homing Absorbers in One Shot!

Your first position monster is in a perfect position to one shot this stage, try to aim for the red circle.

2nd Stage! Easy for Pierce Monsters!

Progression Order
1. Pierce monsters: follow the line of mobs to clear them
2. Bounce monsters: bounce around the area between mobs

This stage is easy for Pierce monsters. There is a line set out for you to hit as long as you are on the bottom side of the map. If you have a bounce monster, clear as many mobs as you can since they randomly revive a number of mobs. 

2nd Stage! Ideal Right Angle for Clearing

Angle for third position monster or any monster in that area.

2nd Stage! Ideal Left Angle for Clearing

Another option to clear the mobs from the left side.

3rd Stage! Shoot Diagonally!

Progression Order
1. Shoot diagonally to hit all the mobs

Depending on the position of your monsters, you can clear all of the mobs whether you have a bounce or pierce monster. The top left Homing Absorber only revive up to two monsters so you can leave him to last priority if you can't clear all the mobs in one shot.

3rd Stage! Suggested Angle #1

If you defeated the previous stages in one shot and its your third position monsters turn (applies only for bounce types).

3rd Stage! Suggested Angle #2

Ideal angle for bounce type mosnters.  Only works if you have a speed up bump combo somewhere along your path.

3rd Stage! Suggested Angle #3

Ideal angle if you have a bounce type monster positioned on the upper right hand side of the stage.

4th Stage! Clear the Specter and Homing Absorber First!

Tsukuyomi's HP: 2.3 million

Progression Order
1. Defeat mobs in one shot while dealing damage to Tsukuyomi
2. Defeat Tsukuyomi within 11 turns

Defeat the Specter and Homing Absorber first since they will deal damage and ability lock you. Check the priortization list above. Tsukuyomi will revive mobs every turn and shoots warps within 9 turns. Defeat her within 11 turns before her OHKO attack.

5th Stage! Specter and Homing Absorber are First Priority!

Tiamat's HP: 2.8 million

Progression Order
1. Defeat mobs in one shot while dealing damage to Tiamat
2. Defeat Tiamet within 13 turns

Just like the previous stage, prioritize on the mobs in the order listed in the overview. Tiamat will shoot damage floors and poison at your allies so it is recommended to move on ASAP. However, don't waste your SS on him.

Boss' Attack Pattern

Top Right
(1 Turn)
(Two monsters)
(1 Turn, 6 Turns after)
Ability Lock
~12000 total
(4 Turns)
ATK Down
(10 turns)
Self Recovery

1st Boss Stage! Don't Go Near Tsukuyomi!

Tsukuyomi's HP: 2.3 million

Progression Order
1. Defeat mobs in one shot while dealing damage to Tsukuyomi
2. Defeat Tsukuyomi

Just like any of the previous floor, make sure you clear the mobs in one shot. However, don't end up near Tsukuyomi or else your monsters' ATK will decrease. Some monsters can still one shot mobs even with their ATK decreased but you will still take damage from it so it is best to not take it in the first place. There will be damage walls but they don't do that much damage.

2nd Boss Stage! Strike Shot to Mob Clear!

Tsukuyomi's HP: 2.8 million

Progression Order
1. Use Meteor SS or Knock Up SS to clear mobs
2. Defeat mobs in one shot while dealing damage to Tsukuyomi
3. Defeat Tsukuyomi

Since there are many mobs in this map and little room to move, use a SS to mob clear. Recommended SS are Meteor and Knock Up but Command SS can work if you can hit all your allies. Shields also counts as a monster that Tsukuyomi revives so make sure you clear them as well. If Tiamat gets revived, focus him first.

3rd Boss Stage! Clear Mobs and Strike Shot!

Tsukuyomi's HP: 4.1 million

Progression Order
1. Use SS to mob clear and deal damage to Tsukuyomi
2. Defeat Tsukuyomi

Use your SS to mob clear and/or deal damage to Tsukuyomi. Prioritize the Specters first. After 8 turns, a second Tsukuyomi will appear. Since she takes up room and have the same attack pattern as the original, you will want to finish the main one before the second one appears. If the clone does come up, damage onto her will go towards the main so she dies twice as fast.