Netherfire Shrine - Carnage

Event Summary:

Difficulty Extreme
Boss Type Dragon
Boss Element Fire
Gimmicks Mines, Poison, Homing Absorbers, Summon
Minion Element Fire, Water, Wood
Speed Clear 21

Event Overview:

Stack Water MS/Flight Monsters

Most of the enemies are Fire and the main gimmick is mines. Bring mostly Water monsters that have Minesweeper or Flight to combat the element and gimmicks.

Lots of Mobs!

There are a lot of mobs in the dungeon. Bring high damage bump combos to clear them effectively. Also have one Pierce monster to easily get items when needed.

1st Stage! Clear ASAP!

Progression Order
1. Defeat the gasmask mobs
2. Defeat the snake mobs
3. Defeat the mine mobs

Start from the most damaging mobs which will be the gasmasks. Mines will be placed near them. Clear them quickly so you don't have to move to that side of the map, especially if you don't have a lot of Minesweepers. Move on to the snake and mine mobs. Clear them as fast as you can since you don't really want to have an endurance fight on this stage.

2nd Stage! Stall for Strike Shots!

Progression Order
1. Defeat most of the mobs
2. Stall for strike shots
3. Defeat the remaining mobs

This is the place where you can stall for strike shots. The homing absorbers deal very little damage and they don't attack every turn. Leave one or two of them up and stall for your strike shots.

Invade! Clear the Mobs First!

Mini Boss' HP: 2.2 million

Progression Order
1. Defeat mobs when they are summoned
2. Defeat the mini boss

The mini boss will summon one mob every turn for 4 turns. The summoned mobs will deal a lot of damage so make sure you clear them first.

Boss' Attack Pattern

(2 Turns)
~12000 per monster if close
Top Right
(3 Turns)
Rebound Laser
~4500 per hit
(5 Turns)
Bomb Spread Shot
~4000 per row
Top Left
(11 Turns)
Random Meteor
~2500 per hit


1st Boss Stage! Clear the High Damage Mobs First!

Jabbanero's HP: 1.2 million

Progression Order
1. Defeat the mech birds and gunman
2. Defeat Jabbanero
3. Defeat the mine mobs

The mech birds and gunman deals a lot of damage so focus on them first. Be careful to not be near Jabbanero because of his Spray attack. Make sure you don't clump up your monsters or even go near him.

2nd Boss Stage! Don't Go Near Jabbanero!

Jabbanero's HP: 2.0 million

Progression Order
1. Defeat the gasmask mob
2. Defeat the gunman mob
3. Defeat Jabbanero
4. Defeat the mine mobs

Just like the previous stage, clear the high damaging mobs first. It will also give you some room to move away from Jabbanero since the mobs are positioned to block easy paths away from him.

3rd Boss Stage! Don't Go To The Top!

Jabbanero's HP: 3.0 million

Progression Order
1. Defeat the gasmask and mech bird mobs
2. Use strike shots on Jabbanero

Clear the gasmask and mech bird mobs to mitigate potential damage. The top of the map have mobs that does an explosion around it so don't move your monsters to the top side of the map. Use your strike shots onto Jabbanero to quickly deplete his HP.