Netherworld Creator Izanami




Ascension Materials for:

Event Summary:

Difficulty Impossible
Boss Ability Null Gravity Barrier, Null Warp
Boss Type Deity
Boss Element Fire
Gimmicks Gravity Barrier, Damage Wall, Warp Gate, Shield, Revivers
Minion Element Fire
Speed Clear 30
Difficulty ★★★★★ 5/6

Event Overview:

All monsters are fire

  •  Bring as many water monsters to reduce damage taken.

Null Gravity Barrier!

  • There is a gravity barrier in almost every round.  The null gravity barrier ability will definitely make it easier.

Izanami is a Diety

  • Monsters with diety slayer ability are a big help in killing Izanami quicker (Kii, Napoleon, Jormungander...)

Minions (revivers) are annoying

  • One-way laser and strong homing shot bump combo are really effective against stopping the reviver loop.

First Stage! Prioritize Defeating the Revivers!

Procedure of Conquest:
1. Defeat the two revivers in the middle of the map.
2. Defeat the remaining small monsters.

In the middle of the map there are two revivers who revive two monsters every turn. If they are both not killed in one turn, they will revive each other causing a reviver loop.  However, because the revivers can only revive two monsters per turn, defeating three monsters including at least one reviver, will increase the chance that the remaining reviver won't revive the other,  instead, it may revive the two drakes.  In the chance that this happens, make sure to get rid of the last reviver your next turn.  Its a good strategy to place a One-Way Laser monster in the second or third spot in your party to help kill the revivers right away.

Second Stage! Just Like First Stage! Get Rid of the Revivers!

Procedure of Conquest:
1. Defeat the revivers.
2. Defeat the remaining monsters.

This stage is very similar to the last stage, however, there is an extra monster between the revivers.  Like the last stage, try to defeat the two revivers at the same time or defeat three monsters including a reviver.  Luckily, the monsters aren't that strong in this stage, so as long as you can get rid of the revivers early, it shouldn't be too difficult.

Third stage! Prioritize Defeating Izanami!

Procedure of Conquest:
1. Defeat Izanami

Izanami in this stage has low HP compared to the other stages.  Ignore the other monsters and focus on Izanami only.  This is because one you defeat Izanami, you'll instantly move on to the next stage without defeating the remaining small monsters.  Izanami's ex laser does a lot of damage so position your monsters to avoid it.  The red lines in the image show where the laser hits.

Boss's HP: ~ 3.3 million

Fourth stage! Reviver's Paradise!

Procedure of Conquest:
1. Defeat the revivers.
2. Clear the Smydras.
3. Stall and charge up your strike shots.

Again, another stage with two revivers.  In this stage, the revivers are far away from each other making it a lot harder to kill both of them at the same time.  Because they are farther apart, they will also prioritize reviving the other monsters over the other zombie.  We suggest defeating three monsters every turn, including at least one reviver, and wait for a reviver to make the mistake of not reviving the other. The boss battle will begin next stage so make sure to have all your strike shots ready and have a decent amount of HP.

Boss Moveset:
12 Turns: White Blast 
Damage: Massive (Instant death)
5 Turns: Reflect Laser 
Damage: ~10000 (Per hit)
3 Turns: Spread Shots 
Damage: ~6500 (Per hit)
2 Turns: Ex Laser 
Damage: ~6500 (Per hit)

First boss stage! Defeat Izanami Before the DW Appear!

Procedure of Conquest:
1. Defeat Izanami

The shield on the right side will create PERMANENT damage walls (~20,000 damage) after 7 turns.  Make sure to kill it before that happens if you find damage walls difficult to deal with.  Aiming between the wall and Izanami's head will help deal a massive amount of damage to her.  Also, watch out for Izanami's ex laser as depicted by the red lines in the image.  The white circles are spots where she is most vulnerable to match shots so try to aim for those areas.  Try to position your mosnters on the bottom right corner of the map to prepare for the next stage. 

Boss's HP: ~ 2.6 million

Second boss stage! Avoid Izanami's EX Laser by Positioning South or East of Her!

Procedure of Conquest:
1. Defeat Red Bahamut
2. Defeat Izanami

The red bahamut does 50,000 damage in 5 turns when the left digit reaches 0.  If you don't think that you can kill Izanami before then, prioritize defeating the bahamut first.  Position your monsters on the bottom right side corner and focus on Izanami.  Just like the last stage, the shield will a create a damage wall after 7 turns so make sure to defeat Izanami before that happens.  There is a match shot area at her lower right foot so try to aim for that when possible.

Boss's HP: ~ 2.6 million

Third boss stage! Looks Can be Deceiving!

Procedure of Conquest:
1. Defeat Reviver.
2. Defeat Warp Generator.
3. Defeat Izanami using strike shots.

This stage may look a bit more tame than the last , but, because Izanami is in the middle of the map (making it difficult to deal rebound off wall damage), having your vertical laser monster in the bottom center position will deal high consistent damage.  Damage wall will apear after 8 turns so defeat the stage before that happens.  Make note of the three match shot areas on the boss. Try to position one of your monsters on the top center (above the red shield), this will allow you to deal massive amounts of damage in the next stage!

Boss's HP: ~ 2.6 million

Fourth boss stage (Final)! Use All Your Strike Shots on Izanami and Finish Her Off!

Procedure of Conquest:
1. Defeat Izanami or Bahamuts (situational)

If you still have your strike shots, make sure to use them all in this stage.  If you are positioned abover her, focus on Izanami.  This way, you can avoid some of the attacks from Bahamut and deal consistent damage to Izanami.  If you are positioned between the bahamuts at the start of the map, get rid of them first.  Again, the red lines depict her X laser that will hit in 2 turns.  She has one match spot so try to hit that for an easy victory.

Boss's HP: ~ 3.4 million