Night Cat on the Prowl




Ascension Materials for:

Event Summary:

Difficulty Extreme
Boss Ability Sprite Slayer
Boss Type Deity
Boss Element Dark
Gimmicks Scorpions, Gravity Barriers, Revivers, Damage Walls, Mines
Minion Element Dark
Speed Clear 23
Difficulty ★★★ 3/6

First Stage! Defeat Bastet and Charge Up Your Strike Shots.

Procedure of Conquest:
1. Defeat Bastet.
2. Defeat the Psoldiers and leave the rest to stall.

Bastet has a very low health pool so position your monsters in such a way to get rid of her fast.  Utilizing the wall on the left side will allow your bounce type monsters to do massive damage. After clearing out Bastet and the Psoldiers, use the remaining monsters to stall for your Strike Shots.

Second Stage! Don't Get Covered In Poison!

Procedure of Conquest:
1. Defeat Bastet.
2. Defeat the Dark smydras.
3. Defeat the Scorpions.

Like last stage, if you can get between the right side of wall and the boss, you can easily defeat Bastet. You can charge up your strike shots in this stage too, but don't take too much damage from scorpions.

First Boss Stage! Nya~ Nya~ Nekomancer~!

Procedure of Conquest:
1. Defeat the Revivers.
2. Defeat Bastet.
3. Defeat the Scorpions.

Try to maintain damage on the boss and revivers at the same time.  Like other stages, you can squeeze your monsters on the right side of the wall and deal massive damage to Bastet.  Her spread shot can deal massive damage if your monsters stay too close. Remember, in these boss stages she gains the Sprite Slayer ability, focus on Bastet if you brought Tini, Margarite, or any other Sprites.

Boss's HP: ~ 1.3 million

Second Boss Stage! Nya~ Nya~ MeeeOOOWWWWW! Everything Hurts!

Procedure of Conquest:
1. Defeat the Squings and Psoldiers.
2. Defeat Bastet.
3. Defeat the Scorpions.

The damage from the Psoldiers and the Squings can be fatal in this stage, make sure to clear them out before defeating Bastet. The boss has low HP so you should be able to deal a good amount of damage while clearing the small monsters. For the next stage, try to position one of your monster on the middle left side of the stage.

Boss's HP: ~ 1.15 million

Third Boss Stage! Nya~ Nya~ Ninja~ !

Procedure of Conquest:
1. Defeat the Kageki.
2. Defeat Bastet.
3. Defeat the rest of small monsters.

The Kagekis in this stage will create damage walls, to avoid having two damage walls it is ideal to get rid of at least one of them within two turns. Just like other stages, if your monsters are between the left side of the wall and Bastet, watch out for the spread shot attack.

Boss's HP: ~ 2.0 million

Fourth Boss Stage (Final)! My Claws Are ERECT!

Procedure of Conquest:
1. Use your Strike Shots on Bastet.
2. Defeat the Mine Generators.
3. Defeat Bastet if she is still alive.

Make sure to use all of your strike shots on Bastet first since the boss in this stage has over 3 million HP, you won't be able to finish her off with just strike shots, so after using strike shots, focus on clearing the other small monsters.

Boss's HP: ~ 3.6 million