The Sentient, Iridescent Blade




Ascension Materials for:

Event Summary:

Difficulty Extreme
Boss Ability none
Boss Type Sprite
Boss Element Dark
Gimmicks Gravity Barriers, Poison, Moving (minions), Warps, Mines, Damage Walls, Scorpions, Revivers
Minion Element Dark
Speed Clear 17
Difficulty ★★★ 3/6

Event Overview:

Gravity everywhere!

There are a lot of environmental hazards throughout the entire quest, but the minions producing them are easily taken care of. The main gimmick is gravity. You cannot afford to be slowed down.

Bring high HP!

The second gimmick is high-damage (mainly from the boss or mini-boss). Don't stay too close to Murasame; if you're hit with all nine tox-waves, that's close to 50k of damage PLUS being poisoned.

First Stage! Don’t Die!

  1. Clear the Reviver at the top.
  2. Clear the rest of the room.

The Reviver is tucked away behind the 5 other monsters in the room.  It’s fairly difficult to be able to kill him on the first shot so it may be in the player’s best interest to try and clear some of the other monsters first but he will always be the priority.  The warp generator monster places warps around itself in a square so trying to go past him towards the reviver can be difficult without null warp.  The reviver only revives once monster per turn so killing multiple enemies per turn will staunch the flow.  After the reviver is eliminated, focus on clearing out the rest or leave the warp-generator for stalling purposes.

Second Stage! Try Not to Die Even More!

  1. Clear the Warp Generator/Snakes.
  2. Clear the Random Sub-Boss (Unless it's Smydra, then do it last, it doesn't do damage but it is very tanky).
  3. Clear the Murasame.

The attribute of the Murasame mini-boss is random so don’t be surprised if it’s different from the last time you ran this quest.  The bosses don’t dish out too much damage so focusing down the warp generators and the snakes can clear the way to get in between the bosses and the walls.  The Snakes apply poison in a spray every few turns that can stack up in damage so clearing them will save the player some HP for the next room.

Third Stage!  Fear the Reflect Lasers!

  1. Clear the reviver in the top left corner.
  2. Clear the  Reflect laser monsters on the bottom right.
  3. Clear the mini-boss (Unless it's Smydra, then do it last, it doesn't do damage but it is very tanky)
  4. Clear Murasame

Murasame’s attribute is still random in this room so just hope for a favorable element.  The priority order in this room is similar to the last but perhaps even more critical as reflect laser monsters have high damage potential if positioned unfortunately.  The optimal way of clearing them is to first deal with the reviver on the top then doing a Yamato-esque shot between the reflect laser monsters to clear both at the same time.  After finishing off the bosses, the real boss fight begins.

Fourth Stage!  The Trinity

  1. Clear the Reviver and Warp Generator
  2. Clear the Reflect Laser
  3. Clear Murasame

Behold! The sacred trinity of small monsters in Monster Strike!  One that revives other things, One that generates field hazards, and one that hurts a lot!  They’re even placed in a neat triangle and everything!    Although it is recommended to clear Murasame last, be aware that her primary attack, the 2 turn cool-down move on the left is a Lock-On Toxwave that does 15,000 initial damage for each of the three waves of shots.  Having all three waves contact racks up to a total of around 45,000 damage plus poison tax so it might be a good idea to clear her first if the player is positioned to do so as she only has 1 Million HP in this stage.  Always remember that the toxwaves originate from the tip of her sword so being close to that could lead to a sudden game over.

Fifth Stage!  Damage Walls!?

  1. Clear Damage Wall Generators
  2. Clear Snakes
  3. Clear Murasame

Same rule about clearing Murasame first if you’re positioned to do so, 1 million HP in this room as well.  Being between her and the wall on the left side can lead to tons of damage so if you can clear her, I recommend doing so.  If not, clearing the Damage Wall generators should be a priority.  This is the only room in the dungeon with damage walls so recommended teams usually don’t have null-damage wall monsters on them.  Damage Walls can cause for some tricky turns, especially with teams that have speedy piercers like Sirius.  And again, WATCH OUT FOR THE TOX WAVES.

Sixth Stage!  Bulls on Parade!

  1. Clear Murasame
  2. Clear Bulls
  3. Clear the Diablo.
  4. Be on the Right Side of the stage

The room starts off with just Diablo and Murasame in opposite corners but 3 Bulls will start exploding in and placing themselves in the top left and bottom right corner.  The clear order of this room is highly variable, it mostly depends on positioning.  If you might get destroyed by the Toxwave, focus on moving out of the way and/or clearing Murasame.  Murasame is slightly healthier in this stage, with an extra 400 thousand attached to the previous 1 million HP.  If you are in the path of the bulls, clearing them first will help.  If you really disliked those Ghost Rider movies and would prefer Diablo to not be in the way, he can go first as well.  The main priority of this room other than not dying is trying to position the team on the right side of the room.  The final stage contains nothing but scorpions, mines, and sadness on the left side so it would be for the best to not be there when this stage is over.

Final Stage!  Avoid the Sadness!

SS Available and Positioned Well:

  1. Focus all damage on Murasame

SS expended and stuck on the left:

  1. Clear Warp Generator and Mine Generator
  2. Clear Scorpions
  3. Clear Murasame

Murasame is much tank-ier in this stage compared to the others as she has around 2.7 million HP now.  If you followed my advice in the last stage and positioned on the right, you’ll be out of the pit in the left.  The mine generator will constantly spread mines in the space to the left and there’s a wall of scorpions and warps in the way of the boss.  If you believe you have enough power to go for the kill, then focus on taking Murasame down.  If not, try to clear the small monsters that are the most annoying at the moment.  Multi-hitting bump combos and strike shots work especially well in this stage as a way to get rid of the spooky scorpions.