Starbound Brother of Flame




Ascension Materials for:

Event Summary:

Difficulty Extreme
Boss Type Dragon
Boss Element Fire
Gimmicks Gravity Barriers, Movement, Scorpions, Poison
Minion Element Fire
Speed Clear 22
Difficulty ★★ 2/6

Event Overview:

Bring Water Monsters!

All of the mobs and the Boss are Fire. It makes things easier if your team is all Water so they take less damage and deal more.

The Boss Won't Sit Still!

The moving Boss can make things easier by moving away from you or creating a smaller gap between the wall. Unless your monsters are wedged in that gap, focus on staying away and clearing out the more-damaging mobs.

First Stage! Don't Get Too Close!

Procedure of Conquest:
1. Defeat the Blinskorch.
2. Defeat the Hydra.
3. Defeat the Scorpions.

The Hydra will move down after a few turns so keep your monsters away from the center of the map.  Hydra's short distance spread shot can deal massive damage, try to stay away from it all together.  Use your homing shot bump combos to deal with the scorpions.

Second stage! Call In the Pest Control!

Procedure of Conquest:
1. Defeat the Blinskorches and the Fire Boar.
2. Defeat Champion Teekayoh.
3. Defeat the Scorpions.

The Fire Boar will move from its original position. Prioritize defeating the Blinskorches and the Fire Boar first, then focus on Champion Teekayoh. Stay away from the scorpions because their poison attack can deal lots of damage over time.

Third stage! This is What I Do I Sit On You!

Procedure of Conquest:
1. Avoid the Hydra and defeat the Red Smydras, Kaboos, and the Scorpion.
2. Keep your distance from the boss and deal damage with your bomb combos.

Just like the first stage, the boss will move around the map.  Avoid getting close to the boss while clearing the small monsters.  The Kaboos on the top side of the map and the Red Smydras deal a massive amount of damage, focus on them first.

Boss Moveset:
3 Turns (Top right): Short distance spread shots 
Damage: ~ 8500 (Per hit)
11 Turns (Bottom right): Earthquake 
Damage: ~ 35000 (All)
2 Turns (Top left): Changes position/Blast 
Damage: ~ 5000 (Per hit)
7 Turns (Down left): Fire Radiation 
Damage: Massive ~ 4500 (Per hit)

First boss stage! I Wouldn't Touch That With a Nine Foot Pole!

Procedure of Conquest:
1. Defeat the Blinskorches.
2. Defeat Hydra.

The Hydra will move left and right every few turns so try to move your monsters on the top side of the map and get rid of the small monsters first. The boss has high damage attacks, but as long as you can keep distance from the boss you can avoid taking damage.

Boss's HP: ~ 1.8 million

Second boss stage! KABLOOEY!

Procedure of Conquest:
1. Defeat the Kaboos.
2. Defeat Hydra.

The small monsters in this stage have high damage attacks so defeat them first to get rid of the gravity barriers.  Like other stages, watch out for the position of the boss and keep away from it.

Boss's HP: ~ 2.7 million

Third boss stage (Final)! 360 n0scop3 Red Smydras!

Procedure of Conquest:
1. Defeat Red Smydras.
2. Defeat Hydra.

Each Red Smydra's laser can deal around 3500 per hit, get rid of them first and move on to the boss. Use all your strike shots on the boss, but be mindful of the boss's HP.

Boss's HP: ~ 4.5 million