The Stirker's Rest 18F - Strike, Match Point!

Event Summary:

Difficulty Impossible
Boss Type Samurai
Boss Element Light
Gimmicks Gravity Barriers, Mines, Damage Walls, Movement, Poison, Recovery
Minion Element Light, Fire, Water, Wood, Dark
Speed Clear 20
Difficulty ★★★★★ 5/6

Event Overview:

Focus on Bounce Monsters, prioritize on Null Gravity Barrier monsters

Although the main gimmick of the dungeon is Gravity Barriers, there is not much of it, especially in the boss stage. It is fine to bring any Bounce monster but NGB is preferred.

Pinch/Match for Damage!

The boss and mobs are really tanky. The only way to deal enough damage is to pinch between the enemies and walls.

1st Stage! Position for Stage 2!

Progression Order
1. Defeat the mech bird
2. Defeat buffaloes

Take down the mech bird which does the most damage. Gradually move your monsters upward to position for the 2nd stage.

2nd Stage! Take Down Bruddabuff!

Progression Order
1. Defeat Bruddabuff
2. Defeat the buffaloes

The Bruddabuff will recover the HP of all buffaloes every turn so take him down first. Afterwards, take down the buffaloes. Move your monsters to the right side of the map for the next bar.

3rd Stage! Take Down the Summoned Mobs!

Progression Order
1. Defeat summoned mobs
2. Defeat the buffaloes

The dark buffalo will summon a mech bird or a Bruddabuff. Either take it down first to stop the summoning or just focus on the two summoned mobs. For the next bar, either stack your monsters onto one side of the map or have each of your monsters in every corner.

4th Stage! Focus on Mob Clear!

Progression Order
1. Defeat Winkles
2. Defeat Madame Zenny

The Winkles will do a powerful explosion and a close spread shot. Take them down one-by-one by pinching between it and the walls. After they are gone, you can pinch the left side of Madame Zenny to quickly take her down.

5th Stage! Pinch Between Wintense!

Progression Order
1. Defeat Wintense
2. Defeat Golden Horn

Wintense will shoot mines and damage walls so you want to take them really quickly. You can pinch between two Wintense to take both down at once. Afterwards, take down Golden Horn by pinching on his left side.

Boss' Attack Pattern

(7 Turns)
~5500 per hit
(8 Turns)
Volatile Blast
~12000 per monster
(1 Turn)
~1000 per hit
(2 Turns)
Spread Shot
~2000 per row


1st Boss Stage! Mob Clear and Pinch!

Light Muramasa's HP: 3.7 million

Progression Order
1. Defeat the wolf mobs
2. Aim to pinch between the wall and Muramasa whenever you got a shot

Take down some wolf mobs in the first few turns. Once Muramasa moves close to a wall, aim to pinch to take down his HP. Muramasa does a very powerful Volatile Blast that does up to 18,000 damage per monster. It is avoidable so if you are not able to defeat him in time, move away from Muramasa.

2nd Boss Stage! Defeat Winkle and Wintense and Strike Shot!

Light Muramasa's HP: 6.7 million

Progression Order
1. Defeat Winkle and Wintense
2. Use strike shots and pinching to defeat Light Muramasa

Take down the Winkle and Wintense first to mitigate the amount of gimmicks and damage. Muramasa has a ton of HP so pinching between him and the walls are needed. Wall Bouncing SS from Saigo Takamori and Hunter King can instantly deplete his HP.