Tale of the Tear-Streaked Jitte




Ascension Materials for:

Event Summary:

Difficulty Extreme
Boss Ability Null Warp
Boss Type Mech
Boss Element Water
Gimmicks Mines, Warps, Scorpions
Minion Element Water
Speed Clear 20
Difficulty ★★★ 3/6

Event Overview:

Prioritize on Null Warps!

The main gimmicks are warps and mines. Prioritize on Null Warp monsters since the mines are usually near the sides of the walls and it is easier to avoid. However Flight/MS+NW monsters are recommended.

Avoid the Scorpion's Laser!

Other than mines, stay away from the scorpion lasers. It will deal about 10,000 damage per hit to your monsters. It is easy to predict how they will come since the CD is in the direction the laser shoots out. 

Clear space to avoid ZENIGATA's X-Laser!

ZENIGATA has a massive 7,000 per-hit X-laser XL that fires every other turn. Between the scorpion lasers, the mines, and the boss, you need to quickly create safe zones for your team..

1st Stage! Be Careful of the Lasers!

Progression Order
1. Defeat the top row of mobs
2. Defeat the scorpions

On this floor, the scorpions will shoot a laser directly upward. It will do 10,000 damage to your monsters so you have to avoid them. Always keep in mind of your monster's position after the shot.

2nd Stage! Focus on the Scorpions!

Progression Order
1. Defeat the scorpions
2. Defeat ZENIGATA
3. Defeat the remaining mobs

Take care of the scorpions first. Always end up above the top row of scorpions. ZENIGATA does a lot of explosion damage around him so even if you avoid the scorpions, you won't be able to avoid ZENIGATA.

3rd Stage! Position For Next Stage!

Progression Order
1. Defeat the mobs
2. Defeat ZENIGATA

There are no scorpions here so this is a relatively easy stage. Make sure you position on the bottom right corner of the map for the next stage.

Boss' Attack Pattern

Top Right
(2 Turns)
Ex Laser
~7000 per hit
Bottom Right
(1 Turn, 5 After)
Top Left
(8 Turns)
Volatile Blast
~9000 per monster
Bottom Left
(3 Turns)
~4000 per hit

1st Boss Stage! Fight at the Bottom Right Corner!

ZENIGATA'S HP: 1.8 million

Progression Order
1. Defeat the scorpions
2. Defeat ZENIGATA
3. Defeat the remaining mobs

All the mines and warps will be on the top left corner of the map. Also the scorpions' lasers converge to that corner as well. Therefore keep your monters on the bottom right corner of the map while clearing this stage.

2nd Boss Stage! Aim Between the Mini Boss and ZENIGATA!

ZENIGATA's HP: 1.8 million

Progression Order
1. Defeat the mini boss
2. Defeat ZENIGATA
3. Defeat the remaining mobs

All 3 scorpions will shoot upwards with their laser. The only safe space for your monsters is between the mini boss and ZENIGATA himself. Focus on clearing the scorpions after defeating the two bosses because you will have more space to move around.

3rd Boss Stage! Focus Fire From the Bottom of ZENIGATA!

ZENIGATA's HP: 4.0 million

Progression Order
1. Use your strike shots to defeat ZENIGATA

ZENIGATA has a lot of HP on this bar. Move your monsters right under him to deal the most damage. Moving outside of that, you will be in line of the scorpion's laser. Use all your strike shots to take ZENIGATA down.