Thorn to be Admired




Ascension Materials for:

Event Summary:

Difficulty Extreme
Boss Ability Fiend Slayer L
Boss Type Mech
Boss Element Wood
Gimmicks Damage-wall (drones; shields on Savage), Gravity Barrier, Floating-armor ("mines")
Minion Element Water, Wood
Speed Clear 20
Difficulty ★★ 2/6

Event Overview:

Bring Null Damage-wall Monsters or Breakers!

There is a giant Gravity-barrier around the boss at the end, but there are drones (shields on Savage) that generate Damage-walls almost non-stop. Break them before they start, or find safe spots between monsters to avoid taking damage from the walls they put up.

"Mines" mean something different here!

The boss has three pieces of absurdly-high-HP "floating armor" (they look like buds/flowers); you can deal more damage to them if you have a Mech Slayer, but treat them like floating blocks -- they're better off to wedge yourself into to do more damage to the boss and to stay away from the damage-walls.