The Water Walking Prince




Ascension Materials for:

Event Summary:

Difficulty Extreme
Boss Ability Null Damage Wall
Boss Type Paladin
Boss Element Water
Gimmicks Gravity Barrier, Damage Wall, Shields, Laser Barrier, Moving Enemies
Minion Element Water
Speed Clear 20
Difficulty ★★★★★★ 6/6

Event Overview:

All monsters are water

  • Wood monsters help reduce damage taken and increase damage output.

Gravity barrier is the most important hazard to counter

  • Small monsters must be dealth with quickly

Bring monsters that are bounce type and have null gravity barrier

  • Small monsters need to be killed early, luckily, damage walls don't deal lots of damage

Aim at 45 degrees when possible

  • Try to aim between the monsters at a 45 degree angle.  More info in the images bellow.

Team Compositions

Team Compositions:

Main Karura Tengu(Ascension)
Sub 1 Heedless Hunter King(Ascension)
Sub 2 Sacrificial Princess Kushinada(Evolution)
Friend Oryo the Restorer(Ascension)
Team Explanation:
  • MAX Luck Karura Tengu for extra drops and easier room clear with Homing Shots.
  • Hunter King for the one-shot potential with his Strike Shot and consistent damage with his Laser bump combo.
  • Sacrificial Princess Kushinada for the plasma bump combo and her Command Strike Shot which can obliterate an entire health bar.
  • Oryo the Restorer for her Null Damage Wall/Null Gravity Barrier abilities as well as her great synergy with the Kushinada tether.
Main Karura Tengu(Ascension)
Sub 1 Sacrificial Princess Kushinada(Evolution)
Sub 2 Karura Tengu(Ascension)
Friend Sacrificial Princess Kushinada(Evolution)
Team Explanation:
  • All farmable team, but mainly for people that have them all MAX luck and are farming for Yamato

First stage! Defeat all blue devils within 6 turns!

Procedure of conquest
1. Defeat all the blue devils by wedging between the monsters.

The blue devils will attack with a volatile blast in 6 turns. This blast can deal up to 80,000 damage to all, so make sure to defeat them within 6 turns.  Aim to bounce your monsters between the blue devil and the reflect laser monster to easily kill them. Try to aim your monsters at a 45 degree angle. There will be damage walls on the top and bottom side of the map.

Second stage! Bounce between monsters!

Procedure of conquest
1. Defeat all the blue devils by wedging between the monsters.

In this quest, the position of the blue devils make it easy to wedge between them. The cooldown for volatile blast is 8 turns, like last stage, aim at a 45 degree angle to bounce between them.

Third stage! Somewhat easy stage compared to other stages!

Procedure of conquest
1. Defeat all blue devils.
2. If needed, stall and charge up your strike shots.
3. Defeat rest of the monsters.

All monsters are close to each other in this stage.  Having your monsters in the middle of the map make it easier to wedge between them.  If on the outside, bounce against the wall once and try to wedge between the monsters.  If that's too difficult, focus on hitting the blue devil.  Try to defeat the blue devil and reflect laser monsters in pairs so you don't have a hard time killing them later.

Boss Moveset:
7 Turns (Top): Homing shot
Damage: ~25000 (All)
2 Turns (Right): Spread shot
Damage: ~6000
3 Turns (Down): Spread shots 
Damage: ~1000 (Per hit)
9 Turns (Left):

Forth stage! It is okay to use strike shot in this stage!

Procedure of conquest
1. Defeat all blue devils.
2. Defeat the mini boss.
3. Position your monsters on the bottom left side before moving on to the next stage.

In this stage, the mini boss will move in the direction of the arrows, try to avoid positioning your monsters in its path.  Use one of your strike shot at the beginning and try to get rid of as many blue devils as possible.  Your strike shots will be ready again by the time you reach the boss stages.  Try to position some of your monsters on the bottom left side to prepare for the next stage.

Boss's HP: ~ 3.2 million

Boss Moveset:
7 Turns (1 Turn for first move) (Top right): Meteor 
Damage: ~17000 (All)
2 Turns (Down right): One way laser 
Damage: ~6500 (Per hit)
3 Turns (Top left): Ex laser 
Damage: ~7500 (Per hit)
7 Turns (Down left): Blast 
Damage: ~20000 (Per hit)

Fifth stage! Make sure to defeat the monsters in right order!

Procedure of conquest
1. Defeat reflect lasers monsters and shield on top.
2. Destroy the shields around Yamato.
3. Bounce between the wall and Yamato.

You want to get your monsters between the bottom left side of the wall and Yamato, but there are shields the blocking entrance. Get rid of the reflect laser monsters and the top shield first, then focus on getting rid of the shields protecting Yamato and defeat Yamato. If you are in danger, it is okay to use your strike shots in this stage.

Boss's HP: ~ 2.1 million

Boss Moveset:
11 Turns (Top right): Large laser 
Damage: ~90000 (Per hit)
8 Turns (1 Turn for first move) (Down right): Meteor 
Damage: ~ 20000 (All)
2 Turns (Top left): Laser 
Damage: ~10000 (Per hit)
3 Turns (Down left): Cross laser 
Damage: ~10000 (Per hit)

First boss stage! Make sure to get rid of the blue devils!

Procedure of conquest
1. Defeat blue devils by wedging between the monsters.
2. Use bump combos to defeat Yamato.

Like other stages, make sure to get rid of the blue devils first. If you can position your one-way laser monsters below Yamato, you can easily clear this stage. If you don't have monsters with one-way laser, make sure to utilize other bump combos as much as possible to deal damage to Yamato.

Boss's HP: ~ 2.4 million

Second boss stage! Ignore big blue devil!

Procedure of conquest
1. Defeat blue devil on top left side.
2. Ignore the big blue devil (watch out for its attacks).
3. Bounce between right side of the wall and Yamato.

Defeat the blue devil on the top left side first. The big blue devil has an HP of about 720,000,000, so it's almost impossible to defeat it.  To defeat Yamato, position your monsters on the top right side so you can bounce between him and the wall to deal massive damage. If you have the ascended form of Hunter King, you can easily pass this stage with his strike shot. In the next stage, Yamato will appear at the bottom middle, try to position at least one of your monsters there to make the next stage easier.

Boss's HP: ~ 4.0 milion

Third boss stage (Final)! Prioritize getting rid of small monsters!

Procedure of conquest
1. Defeat the blue devils.
2. Position your monster under Yamato and defeat it.

Try to position your monsters underneath Yamato to defeat him with your strike shots. If you are having difficulty getting beneath him, make sure to get rid of the small monsters first.

Boss's HP: ~ 3.5 million