Wellspring Shrine - Carnage

Event Summary:

Difficulty Extreme
Boss Type Dragon
Boss Element Water
Gimmicks Damage Walls, Warps, Summon
Minion Element Water and Fire
Speed Clear 21

Event Overview:

Stack Wood Monsters

There are a lot of mobs in the dungeon and most of them are Water. Stack Wood monsters to mitigate damage.

Priority on Null Warp

Although there are damage walls, they are fixed on the left and right walls. Also you can focus on the mermaid mobs that shoot the damage walls in the first place. There are a lot of warps in the dungeon so focusing on NW monsters makes it easier for you to deal damage.

Lots of Mobs

There are a lot of mobs in the dungeon. Bring strike shots that clear multiple monsters at once like Command or Meteor SS.

1st Stage! Stall for Strike Shots

Progression Order
1. Defeat all mobs besides the warp mobs
2. Stall for strike shots
3. Defeat the warp mobs

Focus on clearing the mech birds first. You can stall for strike shots by leaving the warp mobs up.

2nd Stage! Bounce Between Mobs!

Progression Order
1. Defeat all mobs besides the knights
2. Stall for strike shots
3. Defeat the knight mobs

Just like the previous stage, you can leave one of the mobs to stall for strike shots. It is recommended to leave the knights since their homing attack is very minimal and you don't have to worry about damage walls. Bounce between the mobs to quickly clear them.

Invade! Clear the Mobs First!

Mini Boss' HP: 2.2 million

Progression Order
1. Defeat mobs when they are summoned
2. Defeat the mini boss

The mini boss will summon one mob every turn for 4 turns. The summoned mobs will deal a lot of damage so make sure you clear them first.

Boss' Attack Pattern

Top Left
(1 Turn, 3 After)
Energy Circle
~4500 per hit
Top Right
(11 Turns)
~40000 total
Bottom Right
(2 Turns)
~5500 per hit
Bottom Left
(5 Turns)
Spread Shot
~4500 per row


1st Boss Stage! Clear the Gasmasks and Fire Mobs!

Geladine's HP: 1.7 million

Progression Order
1. Defeat the Fire mobs
2. Defeat the mermaid mobs
3. Defeat the gasmask mobs
4. Defeat the gunman mobs
5. Defeat Geladine

Focus on clearing mobs so that you can move around the map. Efficiency in clearing the mobs will make it easier for you for later stages.

2nd Boss Stage! Use One Multi-Target SS!

Geladine's HP: 2.5 million

Progression Order
1. Use one multi-target SS to wipe out the mobs
2. Defeat the remaining mobs
3. Defeat Geladine

There are a lot of mobs in this stage so use one SS to clear most of them or else you will take a lot of damage.

3rd Boss Stage! Clear Mobs First!

Geladine's HP: 4.0 million

Progression Order
1. Defeat the mobs
2. Defeat Geladine

If you have any multi-target SS left, use it first to clear all the mobs. Since Geladine has a lot of HP, taking down the mobs first is critical.