Wellspring Shrine - Time Trial

Event Summary:

Difficulty Extreme
Boss Ability Mech Slayer L
Boss Type Samurai
Boss Element Water
Gimmicks Laser Barriers, Movement, Shields, Revivers, Summon, Poison
Minion Element Water

Event Overview:

Time Clear: 75 seconds

All Bounce Monsters

This dungeon is about pinching between monsters. Bring at least 3 bounce monsters, preferrably Wood ones.

No Laser Bump Combos

The main gimmick is Laser Barriers. Laser-type bump combos will be ineffective in this dungeon. Bring Homing, Spread Shot, Energy Circle or Shotgun monsters.

No Shield Breakers!

Shields will move around the map and onto pinching spaces. However, they have so much HP that even Shield Breaker monsters cannot clear them.

1st Stage! Defeat the Small Demons!

Progression Order
1. Defeat the summoned demons
2. Defeat the giant demon

The giant demon will summon smaller demons after turn 1. Clear the small ones by pinching between them. Shields will get in the way so rely on bump combos if they do. The small demons will do a white explosion in 8 turns but they are not OHKO. However, don't leave more than 1 up before that happens.

Invade! Pinch the Summoned Mobs!

Mini Boss' HP: 2.5 million

Progression Order
1. Defeat the summoned mobs
2. Defeat the mini boss

The mini boss will summon mobs for two turns. Make sure you pinch between them to clear them. Of course be careful of the demon's 8 turn CD.

Boss' Attack Pattern

Top Right
(3 Turns)

~3500 per monster

Bottom Right
(11 Turns)
~12000 per monster
Top Left
(2 Turns)
Ex Laser
~9000 per hit
Bottom Left
(7 Turns, 3 Turns after)
Revive (up to 2)


1st Boss Stage! Defeat the Demons!

Okita Soji's HP: 1.86 million

Progression Order
1. Defeat the bottom right mobs
2. Defeat the top left mobs
3. Defeat Okita Soji

Demons will do a white explosion with their bottom left ATK. However the one on the bottom right has a lower CD than the top left. Make sure you clear the bottom right at turn 1 before the shields get in the way. Also don't get all your monsters near the boss or else you will take a lot of damage from his' Explosion and Ex Laser attacks

2nd Boss Stage! Priority on Mobs!

Okita Soji's HP: 2.38 million

Progression Order
1. Defeat the mech birds
2. Defeat the snake mobs
3. Defeat Okita Soji

The mech birds have high damage so it is best to clear them first. You can bounce on the right side of Okita Soji to deal a lot of damage.

2nd Boss Stage! Position in the Middle!

Okita Soji's HP: 2.1 million

Progression Order
1. Defeat the mobs
2. Defeat Okita Soji

After turn 1, shields will come on the bottom side where the bottom smydra is. 2 turns after they will move up to line up with the top smydra and then alternate. You can get to the boss if you clear the smydra first but if you want to stay in this dungeon for a long time, position your monsters in the middle of the map. It might be recommended to use a SS to quickly move on.

4th Boss Stage! Use your SS!

Okita Soji's HP: 2.6 million

Progression Order
1. Defeat the bottom demons
2. Use SS to defeat Okita Soji

First off, clear the bottom demons. A small and giant demon will be summoned after turn 1 but you can ignore them if you use your strike shots to finish Okita.