Damage Modifiers and You!

If you had a childhood, you played Pokémon.  Anyone who's played Pokémon, knows that Fire beats Grass, Water beats Fire, and Grass beats Water.  This applies to many video games out there and Monster Strike is no exception. 

In Monster Strike, all monsters are assigned 1 of 5 elemental attributes: Fire (Red), Water (Blue), Wood (Green), Light (Yellow), Dark (Purple).  Generally, a monster's attribute can be identified by the color of their sprite although it doesn't hurt to check.  During quests, a colored circle next to a monster and boss' health bar will show what attribute they are.

That's not a dark type!

The numbers behind the interactions of the types can be memorized by what I call: Rule 30.  Without any other modifiers, damage is calculated at either 66%, 100% (neutral), or 133%.  Following those classic video game rules, a monster will deal 30% more damage to an enemy of the inferior attribute and also receive a 30% damage reduction from their attacks.  This relationship applies for enemies against your monsters as well.  The similarity to Pokémon stops here as monsters of the same element will deal a neutral 100% damage to each other.

Light and Dark monsters are slightly different from the other three.  Light and Dark monsters deal neutral damage to Fire, Water, and Wood.  They also deal neutral damage to themselves. For example, a light monster will deal neutral damage to a light monster.  Against each other, they deal 30% increased damage.  This works as a double-edged sword in game as bringing a team of all dark monsters to a light themed dungeon demands that the player can out-damage the dungeon.

Here's a nice chart for quick reference:

Kain made this! :^)

Note that this does not apply to all interactions.  This damage calculation is applied only in contact (bouncing and piercing), elementally attributed bump combos (Homing Shots, Lasers, etc.), and attributed Strike Shot effects.  Some enemy attacks and bump combos lack attributes and will deal neutral damage regardless of either monster's attribute.  Another exception are those stupid, stupid scorpion monsters.  They take 1 damage from all damage sources regardless of attribute so they are easily dispatched by multi-hit attacks such as Homing Shots and Homing Piercers.

I'm here to ruin your day


Weak Points

Monster Strike equivalent of a "Kick Me!" sign

In all quests for Monster Strike, all bosses and mini-bosses will have a weak point that will randomly shift to three different spots on their hitbox. They have a chance to change between each player turn and each individual monster attack for the enemy turn.  Any form of attack that contacts a weak point gains a 300% damage modifier to the damage calculation.  The damage increase is great but always keep in mind that it should not be a top priority aim for a hit on the weak point.  While it may be good damage, going out of your way to get one hit on the weak point may not be worth it.  Always analyze the situation for the best appropriate move and know which should be the priority: maximizing damage through optimal bounces, activating appropriate bump combos, retrieving the run-saving health power-up, positioning for your own bump combo and going for the sick match shot kill.

Monsters such as Goddess Margarite, Margarite the Faerie, and Merlin the Destined have strike shots that expose all 3 points for 5 turns on contact with the boss.  This makes it immensely easier to reach a weak point, especially characters such as Harley whose strike shot relies on making contact with a weak point.  Attacks that deal area of effect damage will gain an additive bonus from hitting multiple weak points.  For example, a Laser bump combo that runs through two weak points will gain a 600% damage modifier. 

Kick Me times three!

My favorite way to capitalize on this is following up this strike shot with an explosive first contact strike shot such as Odin or Kii.  Landing the strike shot and being able to have the explosion hit multiple weak points can yield insane amounts of damage.  I’ve used this strategy on deity type monsters such as Vishnu, Krishna, and Izanami and have gone through more than one health bar with this combination.


Slayer Abilities

It’s super effective!

Some monsters have Slayer abilities that causes them to deal increased damage against monsters of specific characteristics.  This damage increase applies to all attacks that originate from the monster with the Slayer ability.  Some monsters have Slayer abilities that apply to specific monster types.  For example, Independence has the Fiend Slayer L ability and Napoleon the Valiant has the Deity Slayer ability.  Some monsters have Slayer abilities that target monsters of a specific attribute.  For example, Ryoma the Visionary has Wood Slayer on his gauge shot and Saigo the Lasting Teacher has Light Slayer on his gauge shot. Note that monsters who have Slayer abilities tied to their gauge shot do not activate if they fail the gauge shot check or form their bump combo outside of their own turn.

The damage modifier of a slayer ability corresponds to the suffix initial at the end of it.  Here’s a chart for reference.

Slayer(none): 150% [Example: Sylvasaurus Rex | Deity Slayer]
Slayer M: 200% [Example: None in NA right now, check out Porthos and Joan of Arc]
Slayer L: 250% [Example: Lionfiend Fellmane | Demihume Slayer L]
Slayer XL: 300% [Example: Ice Dragon Frozyth | Galaxite Slayer XL]


Remember that Slayer abilities also apply to player monsters from enemy attacks.  Double check if a dungeon contains a boss or mini-boss that has a Slayer ability or don’t be disappointed when Fire Wyrm kills your team of four Stormbringer Susanoo in one hit.  Also remember that having a Slayer ability does not give a monster any sort of defense against that specific type.  The ability simply just gives that monster a damage increase, nothing more.

Another note is that non-gauge shot Slayer abilities activate during strike shots that cause teammates to move.  Examples of monsters with these types of strike shots are Demon Queen Nobunaga regular and X, Ryoma the Visionary, and Sacrificial Princess Kushinada.  This makes for great synergy and can deal significant damage if you can get them to connect.


Resistance Abilities

Some monsters have Resistance abilities that reduce damage from attacks of a specific attribute.  Characters such as Brahma the Creator has the Wood resistant ability.  Along with already being naturally resistant towards Wood attribute due to his fire typing, he gains an additional 30% percent damage reduction from Wood attacks.  Just remember that this ability only applies to that monster and does not affect the entire team.  Similarly to the Slayer ability, it does not provide any offensive bonus either.  As of now, Resistance abilities only apply against attribute,  no Samurai or Sprite Resistance ability exists as of yet.



Rage Intensifies!

If you get punched or blasted by a laser in real life, I’d assume you’d be pretty upset (or dead if it was a laser).  When an enemy is damaged considerably but not defeated, they go into an angry state.  This applies to small monsters and bosses alike.  Anger is denoted by the cliché rage marks on the corner of the monster.  When in this state, the enemy will deal increased damage on their attacks.

There are three stages of anger for monsters that can be identified by how large the anger symbol grows.  The damage modifier for each stage is as follows:

Level 1: 110% damage
Level 2:  120% damage
Level 3: 150% damage

Anger compounds if an angry monster is attacked again while already enraged.  An enemy loses one level of anger for each attack they put out.  Anger cannot go below level 0 (neutral state) or above level 3 (maximum).  Anger does not apply to player monsters as of yet as an ability.




A player monster can receive a damage buff by two different sources.  Either from the sword power-up that can randomly spawn around the stage or by contact with either Troubadour Lotta or Moon Divinity Chandra’s strike shot.

Firmly grasp it

The sword provides a 30% damage increase when contacted during a player’s turn.  This applies to all damage sources originating from the buffed character.  Note that picking up multiple swords does not increase damage further so picking up a second sword is a bit pointless. The sword also only lasts until that monster’s next turn.


Lotta and Chandra

These monsters are 5 stars that are rated higher than Smopol and Apollo. Think about it.

Troubadour Lotta and Moon Divinity Chandra are 5 star monsters who have unique strike shots that increase their teammate’s damage by contacting them during.  This buff increases a monster’s damage by 180% for 12 turns.  This strike shot provides very good support for team who have strike shots that deal a great burst of damage such as Dark Usurper Zeus’ Meteors or Kii’s Explosion shot. 

Although their strike shots are identical mechanically, they have differences.  Lotta has a Volatile Blast M as her bump combo which helps activate other bump combos while Chandra has Homing Piercer 6 which will help clear scorpions as well as provide moderate damage.  Lotta also has Null Gravity Barrier which helps her mobility, especially with her strike shot, while Chandra has Null Damage Wall which provides a level of safety.  Lotta is a paladin which is a lot safer than Chandra’s deity typing.  Lotta is Wood attribute which makes her unviable for Fire quests while Chandra’s dark typing is a bit more versatile.  If you have the choice between the two, plan ahead and pick one that is more viable for the dungeon and fits better into the team composition.



Monsters with the minesweeper ability are a cut above ones with flight.  Rather than just ignoring land mines, they remove them on contact and use it to their advantage as well.  Picking up a landmine causes it to rotate around the monster and will boost the power of their next attack by 50%, but will spend the mine.  The maximum amount of mines a minesweeper is four but the character will continue to clear them.  Minesweepers are almost essential in extreme dungeons such as Slash and Deathscoil.  Some examples of monsters with minesweeper are The Aura Monstriker and Mother Kali.  They're a bit rare in the NA server but I'd much rather hunt for those than game over to Slash's stupid mines again.


Gauge Shot Damage Table


Position of gauge Attack power Increase
1.02 times
① to  ② 1.05 times
② to ③ 1.1 times
③ (FANTASTIC) 1.2 times

Courtesy of gamewith.jp

Written by Deion