Max Luck Guide

A max luck monster is a prestigious goal in Monster Strike.  It is well worth the effort to have at least one max luck monster.  This is a quick guide on everything you need to know about max lucking a monster.

Max luck basics

  • Only six stars are capable of being max lucked
  • Fusing the same monster into each other, will add the luck of the two fused monsters.
  • Monsters are considered max lucked at 99 luck.  So you need 99 of the same monster.

Benefits of having a max luck monster

  • After clearing a quest, you’ll be guaranteed 2 Luck Bonuses (chest drops)
  • Golden hearts will spawn more often!
  • Will make you more valuable in co-op/line groups

Criteria for Max Luck Monster

  • Versatile, can be taken to many event quests
  • Easy and quick to farm

Recommended Monsters to Max Luck - Beginners

 Leah (Highly recommended for beginners)

Event Overview: Leah is a NA exclusive that is highly recommended to max luck first.  Any non-grass NGB monster will perform well.  Leah's quest is a voucher quest, helping you max luck her even faster. 

Monster Overview: The ascension is recommended since she is perfect for max lucking Queen Butterflight, although her evolution is good too if you need a solid fire NGB monster.

 Queen Butterflight (Ascension Recommended)

Event Overview: Bring any non-fire NDW monster, at least one minesweeper, and you should be able to complete it.  

Monster Overview: She is the ideal luck monster to take to Izanami.  Her ascension form is recommended for higher speed, hp, and bump combo damage.

 Ghoulie (Ascension Recommended)

Event Overview: Ghoulie's quest is the hardest of the three.   Bring only bounce monsters due to the pierce restrict gimmick.

Monster Overview: Ghoulie is like a slow poor mans Napoleon, having a command SS, blast, and being pierce type.  His ascension is better for general purposes but evolution is ideal if you are planning on max lucking Tsukuyomi.

Recommended Monsters to Max Luck - High Difficulty

 Princess Takiyasha (Ascension Recommended)

Event Overview: Takiyasha's quest is difficult since there are explosions that deal ~10,000 per monster hit.  Her quest requires good positioning and monsters with NGB.  

Monster Overview: Takiyasha is pierce, NDW, and has great stats.

 Kii (Evolution Recommended)

Event Overview: Kii's quest is difficult

Monster Overview: Deity slayer L does huge damage to deity type bosses.  SS applies deity slayer bonus too.

Gigamantis (Evolution Recommended)

Event Overview: Gigamantis's quest is difficult due to the large amounts of mines and gravity barriers.  The boss also has high damage output.

Monster Overview: NDW, pierce, and meteor SS make him very versatile.

 Fenrir (Evolution Recommended)

Event Overview: Large amount of NGB's and minions make it difficult to speed clear.  There are also warps and damage walls.

Monster Overview: High stats, NW, and NDW make him versatile for many event quests.