#1,006 Deneb the Lovely ★6
Monster Rating




Class: Demihume
Type: Blast
Ability: Null Damage Wall
Max Luck: 99
Obtain: Ascension



Strike ShotDerringer Do
Passes through enemies while attacking undercover.
Cooldown: 4 Turns
Bump ComboRebound Laser L4 / Cross Laser S
Attacks with a large elemental laser that rebounds four times/Attacks in a cross pattern with medium elemental lasers.
Power: 3480/3788
Stats Lvl 1 Max lvl Bonus Total
Health 11,791 20,384 4,200 24584
Attack 11,432 21,435 3,125 24560
Speed 217.57 248.60 37.40 286
Evolution vs Ascension

- Extra Fiend Slayer
- +3000 ATK
- +20 SPD

- 4-turn strike shot
- Blast type
- +1000 HP

Recommended - Depends
- Evolution has a Fiend Slayer which is useful in a lot of dungeons.
- Ascension has a more powerful bump combo and a 4-turn strike shot

Monster Strengths

4-turn strike shot
- Ascension has a 4-turn strike shot where she becomes a pierce type monster. This means she can activate it every turn (besides her first shot). This can prove useful when you want to grab items or proc your allies' bump combo. However, it does not do more damage or she doesn't get sped up.

Decent DPS source
- Both versions has a Rebound Laser L4 which deals consistant damage to enemies. Also her ascension is a blast type so her bump combo's power is higher than evolution.

Monster Weaknesses

- Both versions are terrible with barrier type gimmicks. They can hardly move when dealing with Gravity Barriers and their bump combo becomes nullify in Laser Barriers.

Overall Evaluation

Deneb is a versatile monster, being able to become a pierce type monster and has a high amount of DPS. Both versions will be a key pick for Bishamonten, a water Impossible monster.

Evolution Materials:

Max stoan x 90

Green Stoan x 30

Green Sharl x 15

#1005 Agent Deneb
Base Monster:
#1004 Deneb