#1,013 Saucer Grey ★6
Monster Rating




Class: Nebulan
Type: Blast
Ability: Flight
Gauge Shot: Null Gravity Barrier
Max Luck: 99
Obtain: Evolution



Strike ShotUFO Scramble
Increases Speed and Strength.
Cooldown: 18 Turns
Bump ComboSpread Piercer XL3
Fires 3 16-way sprays of massive elemental pass-through shots.
Power: 3936
Ascension materials for:
Stats Lvl 1 Max lvl Bonus Total
Health 8,285 14,331 3,900 18231
Attack 6,957 12,636 4,325 16961
Speed 289.07 296.63 105.40 402
Evolution vs Ascension

- Extra Flight ability
- Speed up and Power up SS
- Spread Piercer XL3 bump
- +170 SPD

- Piercing SS
- Spread Shot XL3 bump
- +5000 HP
- +10000 ATK

Recommended - Evolution
- Evolution has an extra ability and the ascension have very low speed to move around

Monster Strengths

Hard to Slay

This might be a bad if you are actually fighting against them, but using him against bosses means you won't be caught off guard with more damage taken. There are only Savage level dungeons that have Nebulan slayer, there are no Extreme level bosses that have it.

Double Ability

Evolution has Flight and Null Gravity Barrier, two very nice abilities. There are a number of dungeons with both mines and gravity barriers and he will be a good fit in your team.

Monster Weaknesses


His bump combo doesn't give you a lot of firepower. Evolution does pierce through enemies and it is powered up from his typing but that extra few thousand damage is nothing gamebreaking. Also his strike shot is not a reliable damage tool, except in very few situations.

Low HP

Evolution has around 18000 HP, which is really low. You will need your other monsters to increase your team's overall HP.

Overall Evaluation

Grey Alien is mainly used as a filler if you don't have good Fire Flight or Null Gravity Barrier monsters. Due to his low HP and firepower, he doesn't make a good stat tank or a DPS source that the top tier farmable monsters have.

Ascension Materials:
#1021 Yeti 1
#1015 Nessie 1
#1017 Jackalope 1

#1014 Hunter Grey
Base Monster:
#1012 Grey Alien