#1,040 Crusher Zhang Fei ★6
Monster Rating




Class: Samurai
Type: Speed
Ability: Minesweeper
Gauge Shot: Null Warp
Max Luck: 99
Obtain: Evolution



Strike ShotSkullcracker
Increases Attack with each rebound off a wall.
Cooldown: 22 Turns
Bump ComboVertical Laser L
Attacks upward and downward with 2 large elemental lasers.
Power: 12312
Stats Lvl 1 Max lvl Bonus Total
Health 9,746 16,847 3,900 20747
Attack 9,850 18,468 2,700 21168
Speed 307.77 351.70 52.70 404
Evolution vs Ascension
- Mine Sweeper and Null Warp
- Wall Bouncing SS
- +3000 ATK
- +80 SPD

- Null Damage Wall
- Giant Laser with homing SS
- Blast type with 17k Vertical Laser
- +2000 HP

Recommended - Evolution (but...)
- Evolution has double abilities as well as a powerful strike shot. However, if you don't have a variety of Null Damage Wall monsters, ascension is not bad.
Monster Strengths
Strike Shot and stat synergy
- Evolution has over 400 SPD. It works well with her strike shot since you can get more bounces off walls

Unique ability set
- Evolution is one of the few monsters with the Mine Sweeper+Null Warp combination.

High Damage Bump Combo
- Since her ascension is a blast type, her bump combo's power is higher than evolution. She has a 17,000 power vertical laser and her sub bump combo is even at 4,500.
Monster Weaknesses
- Since she doesn't have null gravity barrier, it will be hard for her to deal damage, especially for her evolution SS. Her main bump combo is vertical laser L, so laser barriers will nullify her main damage source.
Overall Evaluation
Although she is not a highly sought out monster, she can provide variety to your box. She will be a top pick for Daikokuten, a future Light Impossible monster.
Ascension Materials:
#1061 Dong Zhuo x 1
#1056 Zhang Jiao x 1

#1041 Zhang Fei the Stout
Base Monster:
#1039 Zhang Fei