#1,057 Great Sage Zhang Jiao ★6
Monster Rating




Class: Demon Mancer
Type: Balanced
Ability: Beast Slayer M
Gauge Shot: Null Warp
Max Luck: 99
Obtain: Evolution



Strike ShotYellow Sky Rising
Greatly increases Speed and Strength and does a lot of damage to Drones.
Cooldown: 18 Turns
Bump ComboEx Laser L
Attacks in an X pattern with 4 large elemental lasers.
Power: 6187
Stats Lvl 1 Max lvl Bonus Total
Health 9,997 17,281 3,900 21181
Attack 7,140 13,388 4,575 17963
Speed 234.53 267.97 94.35 362
Evolution vs Ascension

- Extra Beast Slayer M
- Drone Breaking SS
- +2000 HP

- 16 turn Command SS
- +2000 ATK
- +10 SPD

Recommended - Depends
- Evolution can break drones with her SS.
- Ascension has higher firepower, especially with the Command SS.

Monster Strengths

16 Turn Command SS
- Ascension has a 16 turn Command SS. Although her speed up is not very high compared to the regular Command SS, it can still mob clear very effectively. Also being a pierce type can easily hit your allies.

Hit type and SS synergy
- Both forms are pierce. For the evolution, you can use it to break drones easily. For the ascension, you can easily hit your allies to make them move.

Monster Weaknesses

High SPD cost
- Both forms need at least +90 SPD which is high for farmables. It is advised to wait for Mega-fuse-a-thon and/or to plus transfer.

Overall Evaluation

Right now, she is just an average monster. In the future, there will be extreme dungeons for her. Her low SS for ascension is unique. She can use it twice on the last bar on Kushinada.

Ascension Materials:
#1061 Dong Zhuo x 1
#1052 Dancing Mask x 1
#1059 Ceremonial Tiger x 1

#1058 Fated Overlord Zhang Jiao
Base Monster:
#1056 Zhang Jiao