#1,077 Lethal Acrobat Porthos ★6
Monster Rating




Class: Paladin
Type: Balanced
Ability: Null Warp
Gauge Shot: Recovery M
Max Luck: 99
Obtain: Ascension



Strike ShotAu Batido Claw
Passes through enemies while attacking.
Cooldown: 18 Turns
Bump Combo Homing Shot 18/Vertical Laser M
Randomly targets foes with 18 elemental shots/Attacks upward and downward with 2 medium-sized elemental lasers
Power: 3294/5412
Stats Lvl 1 Max lvl Bonus Total
Health 11,274 19,501 4,200 23701
Attack 9,849 17,893 2,625 20518
Speed 272.73 279.87 42.50 322
Evolution vs Ascension

- Demonsbane M
- AOE Blast SS
- +2000 HP
- +2000 ATK

- Null Warp and Recovery
- Piercing SS
- +20 SPD

Recommendation - Evolution (but...)
- Evolution works well towards both Demon and Demon Mancer bosses and mobs. Along with his SS, he can deal a lot of damage to bosses.
- Ascension has a null ability with a recovery gauge. 

Monster Strengths

Unique Demonsbane M (Evolution)

Evolution is the only 6* monster with a Demonsbane M, which deals x2 more damage to Demon and Demon Mancer monsters. Although he doesn't have null abilities, he can mob clear with his Homing bump and his SS can deal tons of damage without moving a lot.

Recovery and SS Synergy (Ascension)

Ascension's SS makes him a pierce monster which you can use to heal your allies when you are in a pinch.

Monster Weaknesses

Very Niche (Evolution)

Since Evolution has no null abilities, he is not useful outside of a couple of dungeons. There are a handful of demon/demon mancer dungeons but he doesn't carry teams.

Overall Evaluation

Porthos is a niche monster. He can help beginners in getting Deathscoil, QB and Ghost. However, his priority in dungeons decreases when your box increases with more monsters. His ascension can deal with some Impossibles but only if you have no better hatcher (or even farmable) monsters.

Evolution Materials:

Max stoan x 90

Dark Stoan x 30

Dark Sharl x 15

#1076 Cannoneer Porthos
Base Monster:
#1075 Porthos