#1,107 Wave Princess Undine ★6
Monster Rating




Class: Sprite
Type: Blast
Ability: Null Warp
Max Luck: 99
Obtain: Ascension



Strike ShotIcicle Pearl
Bashes the first contacted enemy and attacks with a water laser.
Cooldown: 13 Turns
Bump ComboOne Way Laser XL / Energy Circle S
Attacks upward with a massive elemental laser. / Fires a small elemental sphere of energy.
Power: 34032 / 4544
Stats Lvl 1 Max lvl Bonus Total
Health 9,692 16,765 4,200 20965
Attack 10,297 18,706 2,725 21431
Speed 240.10 246.43 37.40 284
Evolution vs Ascension

- Extra Null Damage Wall ability
- 3-turn Immune SS
- Glacier bump combo
- +1000 HP
- +2000 ATK
- +30 SPD

- Bash and Laser SS
- One Way Laser XL (34032)

Recommendation - Evolution
- Extra ability for more versitility, higher stats, and supportive SS

Monster Strengths

Double Null Abilities (Evolution)

Evolution has NDW+NW which can be taken to numerous dungeons. She is the first pierce monster to have this combination.

SS and Pierce Synergy (Evolution)

Evolution's immunes all allies for 3 turns from all damage. Since she is a pierce monster, it is easy to hit all 3 members and make them avoid powerful attacks.

Powerful One Way Laser (Ascension)

Ascension is a Blast type with a One Way Laser XL. She is the first Water monster to have a 34k One Way Laser.

Monster Weaknesses

Low Damage (Evolution)

Evolution is a support monster which means that she doesn't deal a lot of damage. Make sure your team has enough high damage bump combos and strike shots since she won't be helpful in that department.

Only Null Warp (Ascension)

Since she is only NW, it is hard to bring her in non-warp dungeons to make use of her powerful laser. You can use Gravity Barriers to position but you can't with Damage Walls.

Overall Evaluation

Undine's evolution is a top tier support monster in the game. She can be taken to multiple Extreme and Impossible quests to help your team with mob clear by her bump combo. Use her SS when you know that your allies will take a lot of damage in a few turns. Ascension is a good DPS source for dungeons that have only Warps.

Evolution Materials:

Max stoan x 90

Blue Stoan x 30

Blue Sharl x 15

#1106 Water Spirit Undine
Base Monster:
#1105 Undine