#1,123 Ghoulie the Walker ★6
Monster Rating




Class: Demon
Type: Balanced
Ability: Null Gravity Barrier
Max Luck: 99
Obtain: Evolution



Strike ShotGhastly Scythe
Bashes the first contacted enemy and sends it flying with supernatural powers.
Cooldown: 16 Turns
Bump ComboSpread Shot XL3
Fires 3 16-way sprays of massive elemental bullets
Power: 2812
Ascension materials for:
Stats Lvl 1 Max lvl Bonus Total
Health 10,969 18,974 3,900 22874
Attack 11,666 21,191 7,250 28441
Speed 233.10 239.20 85.00 324
Evolution vs Ascension

- Spread Shot bump
- Bash and Knock Up SS
- +90 SPD

- Blast bump
- Command SS
- +1500 HP
- +5000 ATK

Recommendation - Ascension (but...)
- Ascension has more powerful SS and better bump combo
- Evolution if you want a higher speed.

Monster Strengths

High Power SS (Ascension)

Ascension has a Command SS. He is also a Pierce which makes hitting his allies easily. The strike shot can deal a lot of damage to the boss and mobs.

High ATK (Ascension)

Ascension has over 33000 ATK. Also being a Pierce monster, it is easy to hit the weak spots of bosses. 

Supportive Blast Bump (Ascension)

Ascension has a Giga Blast bump which is helpful in procing your allies' bump combos.

Monster Weaknesses

Low Speed (Ascension)

Ascension's SPD is only at 230 which is extremely low for Pierce monsters. It also demerits his Command SS since it will be hard to hit all your allies.

Overall Evaluation

Ghoulie is a very popular max luck for players. His dungeon is easy and he provides damage from his SS and support from his bump combo. However his Ascension is slow so some people go for Evolution, especially for Tsukuyomi.

Ascension Materials:
#1119 Poltergeist x 1
#1115 Legion x 1
#1117 Lantern Angler x 1
#1125 Hanged Man x 1
#1124 Deadend Ghoulie
Base Monster:
#1122 Ghoulie