#1,130 Shikigami Izumo ★6
Monster Rating




Class: Demon
Type: Balanced
Ability: Fire Resistance
Gauge Shot: Null Warp
Max Luck: 99
Obtain: Evolution



Strike ShotYasaka
Passes through enemies while attacking and increases the grade of items on screen.
Cooldown: 20 Turns
Bump ComboPoison Spread 16
Fires three 16-way sprays of poison bullets.
Power: 1406
Stats Lvl 1 Max lvl Bonus Total
Health 10,863 18,789 3,900 22689
Attack 10,868 20,224 2,950 23174
Speed 238.77 273.17 40.80 314
Recommended Ableberries:
Survivor Reduces damage taken from enemies. 4 
Class Kinvigor Boosts HP for your monster and others of the same Class (Dragon, Demon, etc.). 2 
Class Kinstrength Boosts Attack for your monster and others of the same Class (Dragon, Demon, etc.). 1 
Cutthroat Shaves off a portion of a boss’s HP before the battle even starts. 1 
Mend Restores HP each turn. 1 
Class Kinspeed Boosts Speed for your monster and others of the same Class (Dragon, Demon, etc.). 0 
Evolution vs Ascension

- Fire Resistance and Null Warp
- Becomes PIerce Type and grows items SS
- Poison Spread 16
- +3000 HP

- Null Warp and Demon Mancer Slayer
- Paralyze SS
- Cross Laser L and Lock-On Toxwave 3
- +1000 ATK
- +30 SPD

Recommendation - Evolution
- Fire Resistance and better strike shot
- Not much use for Ascension's Demon Mancer Slayer

Monster Strengths

Support Strike Shot

Evolution's strike shot makes Izumo become a Pierce type which makes it easy to grab heart items. It also grows items by 1 level or produces an item if there are none on the map. Ascension's strike shot can paralyze the boss for 3 turns and it cannot attack. Both strike shots can help you in a pinch.

Unique Poison Bump

Both forms have poison bump combos. They can be used to clear scorpions easily.

Monster Weaknesses

Only Null Warp

Although both forms have two abilities, her only null ability is Null Warp. It limits her viability in a lot of dungeons.

Hard to Use Strike Shot (Ascension)

Ascension's paralyze strike shot is really hard to hit since it requires you to hit the weak spot. Also it requires you to hit it on your first hit.

Overall Evaluation

Izumo is a support-oriented Null Warp monster. Having low damage and only one null ability, it is hard to not get replaced by other hatcher monsters and even some Extreme/Impossible monsters.

Ascension Materials:
#1147 Princess Takiyasha x 2
#1141 Goldman x 2

#1131 Izumo the Spirit Flame
Base Monster:
#1129 Izumo