#1,139 Belching Blaze Rakshasa ★6
Monster Rating




Class: Demon Mancer
Type: Balanced
Ability: Null Warp
Max Luck: 99
Obtain: Evolution



Strike ShotSecret Netherblaze
Deals a ton of damage on contact with enemy weak point.
Cooldown: 21 Turns
Bump Combo Lock-on Toxwave 6
Attacks with 6 toxic shockwaves.
Power: 13259
Ascension materials for:
Stats Lvl 1 Max lvl Bonus Total
Health 7,840 13,554 3,900 17454
Attack 9,783 18,344 6,275 24619
Speed 208.87 238.70 84.15 323
Evolution vs Ascension

- Null Warp
- +3500 ATK
- +30 SPD

- Null Gravity Barrier
- +1000 HP

Recommendation - Depends
- Main difference is the null abilities. Choose the one that you need the most.

Monster Strengths

Unique Bump Combo

Rakshasa has a Poison Toxwave 6 bump combo. It deals 30000 of poison damage for 3 turns. It can instantly clear scorpions.

Strike Shot and Hit Type Synergy

Rakshasa's strike shot requires you to hit the weak spot. Being a Pierce type, it guarantees you one passby.

Monster Weaknesses

Low HP

Both forms has really low HP for 6* monsters. They also don't have abilties like Recovery that are common with monsters of low HP.

Low Damage

The Poison Toxwave doesn't do that much damage. Also being a Pierce monster, you can't rely on his normal attacks. His only high damage source is his strike shot.

Overall Evaluation

Rakshasa is really unique with his bump combo and being able to destroy scorpions in one turn. Outside of that, he can be replaced by other Extreme monsters. Choose the form that you are lacking in your box.

Ascension Materials:
#1147 Princess Takiyasha x 2
#1141 Goldman x 2

#1140 Rakshasa the Cold Flame
Base Monster:
#1138 Rakshasa