#1,147 Princess Takiyasha ★5
Monster Rating




Class: Demon Mancer
Type: Balanced
Ability: Null Damage Wall
Max Luck: 90
Obtain: Drop



Strike ShotManifest Vengeance
Increases Speed.
Cooldown: 16 Turns
Bump ComboHoming Shot 12
Randomly targets foes with 12 elemental shots.
Power: 3075
Ascension materials for:
Stats Lvl 1 Max lvl Bonus Total
Health 5,527 10,363 2,460 12823
Attack 6,171 10,639 1,025 11664
Speed 174.17 213.70 21.25 235
Total Health 19833
Total Attack 21225
Total Speed 295
Type Balanced
Ability Null Damage Wall
Gauge Shot Recovery S
Strike Shot 16Rebound off enemies and dance across the battlefield.
Bump Combo 3294Homing Shot 18
Randomly targets foes with 18 elemental shots.
Total Health 21481+1648
Total Attack 23062+1837
Total Speed 386+91
Type Speed
Ability Null Damage Wall
Gauge Shot None
Strike Shot 20Explodes on first enemy contact and does damage to all foes in the vicinity.
Bump Combo 9471 / 2706 Energy Circle M / Ex Laser S
Creates medium circular damage area around monster. / Attacks in an X pattern with 4 small elemental lasers.
Evolution vs Ascension

- Extra Recovery S ability
- Become Bounce Type SS
- Homing Shot 18
- +2000 ATK

- AOE Blast SS
- Energy Circle M+Ex Laser S
- +1500 HP
- +90 SPD

Recommended - Ascension
- Better SS and bump combo
- Evolution has harder gauge to hit and low speed so not really reliable

Monster Strengths

Rare Skill Set

Princess Takiyasha is one of the few farmable monsters that is Null Damage Wall and Pierce. She is also Dark so she doesn't have to worry about the element of the dungeon.

Energy Circle M (Ascension)

Ascension has an Energy Circle M. It deals a good amount of damage without the requirement to position. It can also bypass Laser Barriers.

Monster Weaknesses

Hard to Use Strike Shot (Evolution)

Evolution changes her PIerce hit type into Bounce. It is a very situational of being near the weak spot and a tight space between a wall or another mob.

High Morling Cost (Ascension)

Ascension requires around +100 SPD to max that stat. It will be difficult for players who are not max lucking her since plus transferring is required. Also the base form's max SPD + is only +20 SPD so you will need to plus transfer 5 bases. Depending on your luck and starting SPD +, some might not be able to finish it without Mega Fuse-a-Thon. 

Overall Evaluation

Princess Takiyasha is arguably the best Extreme NDW monster in the game. With the easiness of max lucking Ghoulie, players will continue the max luck chain with Takiyasha. Ascension's only main weakness is that her damage output with normal attacks is low but everything else are highly regarded and comparable to hatcher monsters.

Evolution Materials:

Max stoan x 30

Dark Stoan x 10

Dark Sharl x 5

Divine Sharl x 1

#1148 Unholy Animator Takiyasha
Ascension Materials:
#1138 Rakshasa x 2
#1143 Doman x 2
#1141 Goldman x 1
#1145 Preta x 1
#1149 Supreme Weapon Takiyasha