#1,162 Aerial Whiz Gulliver ★6
Monster Rating




Class: Demihume
Type: Blast
Ability: Flight / Null Warp
Max Luck: 99
Obtain: Ascension



Strike ShotAdventure Barrage
Explodes on first enemy contact and does damage to all foes in the vicinity.
Cooldown: 20 Turns
Bump Combo Shotgun / Spread Piercer L3
Fires 100 rounds of shots at nearby enemies. / Fires three 16-way sprays of large elemental pass-through shots.
Power: 2062 / 2410
Stats Lvl 1 Max lvl Bonus Total
Health 9,620 16,641 4,200 20841
Attack 10,946 19,882 2,900 22782
Speed 273.97 281.17 42.50 324
Recommended Ableberries:
Sidekick Increases Bump Combo damage. 11 
Class Kinvigor Boosts HP for your monster and others of the same Class (Dragon, Demon, etc.). 2 
Cutthroat Shaves off a portion of a boss’s HP before the battle even starts. 1 
Survivor Reduces damage taken from enemies. 0 
Class Kinspeed Boosts Speed for your monster and others of the same Class (Dragon, Demon, etc.). 0 
Class Kinstrength Boosts Attack for your monster and others of the same Class (Dragon, Demon, etc.). 0 
Evolution vs Ascension

- Samurai Slayer and Null Damage Wall
- Command SS
- Vertical Laser L
- +100 SPD

- Flight and Null Warp
- AOE Blast SS
- Blast-type Shotgun

Recommendation - Depends
- Choose depending on your box or for Impossible viability
- Evolution for Bishamonten, Ascension for Daikokuten

Monster Strengths

High Speed and Pierce (Evolution)

Evolution has 430 SPD and is a pierce monster. It works really well with his strike shot which you can hit all your allies. It also works well with Kushinada's Plasma who is a Wood NDW monster.

Blast-type Shotgun (Ascension)

Ascension's bump combo is a Shotgun. It gives you a lots of hits which is really useful for scorpions. This form is a Blast type so his bump combo's power is increased which you can use as a damage source if positioned correctly.

Monster Weaknesses

Unimpressive Stats

The major lacking point of Gulliver is his stats. Although it is not low, it is not particularly high especially in the HP and ATK department.

Niche Monster (Evolution)

Evolution is really niche in the dungeons he can run, which is Bishamonten. Outside of that, there is only Okita Soji in which he can use his Samurai Slayer for. He does have a nice strike shot but due to his relatively low stats and lackluster bump combo, he can be replaced by other Null Damage Wall monsters.

Overall Evaluation

Gulliver is a staple for Bishamonten, an Impossible dungeon. However, he is not really used in dungeons past that. There are more Extreme dungeons for his Ascension due to his double null abilities but he is not a top tier monster for them.

Evolution Materials:

Max stoan x 90

Green Stoan x 30

Green Sharl x 15

#1161 Gulliver the Rampart
Base Monster:
#1160 Gulliver