#1,193 Romeo Possessed ★6
Monster Rating




Class: Fiend
Type: Blast
Ability: Flight / Null Gravity Barrier
Max Luck: 99
Obtain: Ascension



Strike ShotHeart of the Opera
Attacks enemies with a meteor shower that grows more powerful with each enemy contacted.
Cooldown: 30 Turns
Bump ComboEx Laser L / Ex Laser S
Attacks in an X pattern with 4 large elemental lasers / Attacks in an X pattern with 4 small elemental lasers.
Power: 8662 / 3788
Stats Lvl 1 Max lvl Bonus Total
Health 11,197 19,370 4,200 23570
Attack 12,723 23,110 3,375 26485
Speed 310.60 318.77 48.45 367
Recommended Ableberries:
Strike Haste Reduces the Strike Shot countdown at game start. 42 
Class Kinstrength Boosts Attack for your monster and others of the same Class (Dragon, Demon, etc.). 18 
Sidekick Increases Bump Combo damage. 13 
Cutthroat Shaves off a portion of a boss’s HP before the battle even starts. 10 
Class Kinspeed Boosts Speed for your monster and others of the same Class (Dragon, Demon, etc.). 5 
Survivor Reduces damage taken from enemies. 4 
Class Kinvigor Boosts HP for your monster and others of the same Class (Dragon, Demon, etc.). 3 
Style Kinstrength Boosts Attack for your monster and others of the same Sling Style (Bounce or Pierce). 3 
Evolution vs Ascension

- Minesweeper and Null Gravity Barrier
- Drone Breaking SS

- Flight and Null Gravity Barrier
- Chain Meteor SS
- +2000 HP
- +2000 ATK
- +30 SPD

Recommendation: Ascension
- Higher stats
- More powerful strike shot

Monster Strengths

Blast Type with High Stats (Ascension)

Ascension is a Blast Type which is commonly known to have a higher power bump combo but traded with lower stats. However, Romeo's stats are comparable and/or higher than Balanced Type monsters. Of course his Ex Laser L bump combo is a higher power than Balanced and Speed Type monsters.

Chain Meteor SS (Ascension)

Ascension has a scaling meteor strike shot. The damage is calculated by ATK multiplied by a constant number. That constant number changes depending on the number of enemies Romeo hits. The first monster will get a x4 multipler and for every preceding enemy will add x14. For example, 5 enemies will equal to 4+14+14+14+14 = x60. 

Monster Weaknesses

Situational Strike Shot (Ascension)

Although Ascension's strike shot is powerful, it is situational. There are times where there are not many mobs when it is Romeo's turn, whether there are no mobs in the dungeon in the first place or players took down too many enemies beforehand. Romeo needs 3 contacted enemies to go over a normal meteor's power. Of course you need to hit multiple enemies with a Bounce monster which is harder than Pierce monsters.

Overall Evaluation

Romeo is a very powerful monster due to his strike shot. He can be taken to any gravity barrier or mine heavy dungeon and his strike shot can deal enough damage to take most of the HP of bosses on the last bar. Along with his higher power bump combo and his high stats, he can still do damage and not hinder teams. His Evolution is also a versitile monster for beginners who cannot get his ascension materials.

Evolution Materials:

Max stoan x 90

Blue Stoan x 30

Blue Sharl x 15

#1192 Romeo, Smiter of Demons
Base Monster:
#1191 Romeo