#1,196 Juliet, Zombie of Love ★6
Monster Rating




Class: Fiend
Type: Balanced
Ability: Null Damage Wall
Max Luck: 99
Obtain: Ascension



Strike ShotKiss of Death
Reveal all of a boss's weak points on contact.
Cooldown: 25 Turns
Bump Combo Homing Destruction 8 / Meteor-struction
Randomly targets foes with 8 powerful elemental shots. / Randomly targets a foe with a powerful meteor.
Power: 10981 / 110595
Stats Lvl 1 Max lvl Bonus Total
Health 10,299 17,818 4,200 22018
Attack 14,116 25,643 3,750 29393
Speed 253.50 260.10 39.10 299
Recommended Ableberries:
Sidekick Increases Bump Combo damage. 29 
Class Kinspeed Boosts Speed for your monster and others of the same Class (Dragon, Demon, etc.). 5 
Cutthroat Shaves off a portion of a boss’s HP before the battle even starts. 1 
Class Kinvigor Boosts HP for your monster and others of the same Class (Dragon, Demon, etc.). 0 
Mend Restores HP each turn. 0 
Survivor Reduces damage taken from enemies. 0 
Class Kinstrength Boosts Attack for your monster and others of the same Class (Dragon, Demon, etc.). 0 
Evolution vs Ascension

- Extra Ethrean Slayer
- +10 SPD

- Meteor-struction sub bump combo
- +2000 HP
- +6000 ATK

Recommendation - Ascension
- Powerful Meteor-struction and higher stats
- Not many Ethrean bosses for Evolution's Slayer

Monster Strengths

Powerful Sub Bump Combo (Ascension)

Ascension's sub bump combo is a Meteor-struction. It randomly hits one enemy for 110595 damage. Along with her homing destruction main bump combo, it does really well mob clearing.

Hit and SS Synergy

Both forms are Pierce and their strike shot reveals weak spots of bosses. You are guarantee to hit your strike shot unless you are bringing her in dungeons she isn't for. The strike shot helps your other monsters to deal more damage with their bump combos and strike shots.

Monster Weaknesses

Not Many Ethrean Bosses (Evolution)

There are not many Ethrean bosses in the game so her Slayer is not very useful. Also being a support monster, she doesn't deal high damage with her bump combo and strike shot to make use of the base ability Slayer.

Overall Evaluation

Juliet is a support monster with mob clearing capabilities due to the powerful Meteor-struction sub bump combo. She can enhance your team's damage dealers with her strike shot. Also she has some Impossible viability in Bishamonten.

Evolution Materials:

Max stoan x 90

Light Stoan x 30

Light Sharl x 15

#1195 Tragic Maiden Juliet
Base Monster:
#1194 Juliet