#1,233 Lightbringer Sanzang Fashi ★6
Monster Rating




Class: Paladin
Type: Speed
Ability: Dark Resist
Gauge Shot: Dark Slayer
Max Luck: 99
Obtain: Evolution



Strike ShotGandhara
Deals a ton of damage on contact with enemy weak point.
Cooldown: 21 Turns
Bump ComboRebound Laser L4
Attacks with a large elemental laser that rebounds four times.
Power: 2486
Stats Lvl 1 Max lvl Bonus Total
Health 9,962 17,220 3,900 21120
Attack 9,427 17,677 2,575 20252
Speed 331.87 379.20 56.95 436
Recommended Ableberries:
Sidekick Increases Bump Combo damage. 8 
Class Kinstrength Boosts Attack for your monster and others of the same Class (Dragon, Demon, etc.). 1 
Class Kinspeed Boosts Speed for your monster and others of the same Class (Dragon, Demon, etc.). 0 
Class Kinvigor Boosts HP for your monster and others of the same Class (Dragon, Demon, etc.). 0 
Cutthroat Shaves off a portion of a boss’s HP before the battle even starts. 0 
Survivor Reduces damage taken from enemies. 0 
Evolution vs Ascension

- Dark Resistance and Dark Slayer
- Big Damage to Weak Spot SS
- +40 SPD

- Null Gravity Barrier and Status Recovery
- Drone Breaking SS
- +2000 HP
- +1000 ATK

Recommendation - Depends
- Evolution is a power pick for Dark dungeons
- Ascension is used for general use or with dungeons that have a lot of poison or ability locks

Monster Strengths

Dark Resistance and Dark Slayer (Evolution)

Evolution has both Dark Resistance and Slayer. This means she takes less damage from Dark enemies while being able to deal more damage to them.

Status Recovery (Ascension)

Ascension has Status Recovery. She can recovery debuffs like poison and ability locks on teammates. She is a Pierce so it is easy to hit her teammates.

Slayer, Hit Type and SS Synergy (Evolution)

Evolution's SS will deal big damage if Sanzang hits a bosses'  weak spot. She is a Pierce so it is really easy to hit the weak spot. Along with her Dark Slayer, she can deal at least 700,000 off one hit on the weak spot onto Dark bosses.

Monster Weaknesses

No Null Abilities (Evolution)

Although Evolution has both Dark Resistance and Slayer, she doesn't have any null abilities. It will be hard to use her optimally when there are gimmicks on the map.

Limited Uses for Status Recovery (Ascension)

There are not a lot of dungeons that relies on Status Recovery as a needed ability. Poison can be held off with higher HP or hearts and ability locks are not 100% chance of happening. 

Overall Evaluation

Sanzang Fashi is unqiue monster. Her Evolution is only for Dark dungeons. Although she doesn't have null abilities, she is a Pierce so it is easy to deal some damage to monsters. She also has 430+ SPD so she can somewhat move around, even against gravity barriers. Ascension is a good Null Gravity Barrier monster with a supportive portion in her Status Recovery. However, there are not much dungeons that demands that Recovery ability. Both forms do have a Rebound Laser L4 bump combo which can be used as a DPS source.

Ascension Materials:
#1239 Princess Iron Fan x 2
#1242 Silver Horn x 1
#1244 Golden Horn x 1

#1234 Goddess of Mercy Sanzang
Base Monster:
#1232 Sanzang Fashi