#1,589 Fenrir X the Monsterwolf ★6
Monster Rating
Class: Etherean
Type: Power
Ability: Null Warp
Gauge Shot: Null Damage Wall
Max Luck: 99
Obtain: Evolution



Strike ShotSpreading Flame
On each enemy rebound, attacks outward with red flames.
Cooldown: 24 Turns
Bump ComboHoming Shot 18
Randomly targets foes with 18 elemental shots.
Power: 2353
Stats Lvl 1 Max lvl Bonus Total
Health 10,364 17,929 3,900 21829
Attack 10,849 19,707 6,750 26457
Speed 181.93 186.67 66.30 253
Evolution vs Ascension

Fenrir X:
- Fire Element
- Bouncing Spread SS
- +1000 ATK

Fenrir the Monsterwolf (Evo):
- Light Element
- Bash and Laser SS
- Higher power bump combo
- +50 SPD

Recommendation: Depends
- Both versions keep their abilties of Null Warp and Null Damage Wall
- Bring Fenrir X for Wood dungeons for element strength
- As Max Luck, normal Fenrir is recommended

Monster Strengths

Double Null Abilities

Fenrir X has both Null Warp and Null Damage Wall. Also being a Fire monster, he can be taken to Wood dungeons where there are a lot of damage walls or warps like Tengu, Medusa, Tokugawa Yoshinobu, etc.

High Stats

All of Fenrir X's stats are high. Even for a Power Type, his 250 SPD is in the higher tier for that specific Bias.

Monster Weaknesses

Lower Bump Power Due to Bias

Being a Power Type, his bump combo power decreases. It makes it hard for him to mob clear as well as other homing monsters. Even against Wood enemies, the power is not that much different from a normal Homing Shot 18. 

Overall Evaluation

Fenrir X is a good farmable monster to have. With his higher stats, it makes him more recommended than Hydra which has the same abilities as him. Since there are not a lot of NW+NDW monsters, especially for Fire, it is nice to have one to diversify your box. Although normal Fenrir has more versatility, there are a lot of Wood dungeons that have Warps and Damage Walls to make Fenrir X more viable. It is easier to get Fenrir X than Fenrir for beginners since one person can be Oragon and they can Co-Op with other people with better Water monsters.

Base Monster:
#1588 Fenrir X