#247 Beastlord Bahamut ★6
Monster Rating
Class: Fiend
Type: Power
Ability: Flight / Demonsbane
Max Luck: 99
Obtain: Evolution



Strike ShotDestructive Comet
Attacks enemies on contact with a meteor shower.
Cooldown: 30 Turns
Bump ComboOne-Way Laser XL
Attacks upward with a massive elemental laser.
Power: 17325
Ascension materials for:
Stats Lvl 1 Max lvl Bonus Total
Health 11,520 19,920 3,900 23820
Attack 16,800 30,712 2,800 33512
Speed 140.80 161.63 76.16 238
Monster Strengths
  • Demonsbane will do 50% extra damage to Demons and Demon-mancers
  • Flight + Demonsbane is an active ability and will carry over into the bump-combo
  • Powerful bump-combo
  • High ATK and a powerful meteor strikeshot


Monster Weaknesses
  • Power-type marbles decelerate faster and have a weaker bump-combo
  • Low total SPD
  • Slow-charging strikeshot


Overall Evaluation

Easy to obtain, Beastlord Bahamut can move freely over mines, but is not immune to their explosions. They can be utilized as either artillery (try to stay in one position and let allies activate the strong One-way Laser-XL) or as a hitter doing combos with their high ATK, but not both. With their low SPD and power-type, it's easier to do the former than it is to do the latter, but don't be afraid to move out of position and deal direct-damage, use the SS, or get a needed item.

You can raise the luck of Bahamut by infusing Bahamut X and vice-versa.
Base Monster:
#246 Bahamut