#269 Mechanized Eclipse ★6
Monster Rating




Class: Galaxite
Type: Power
Ability: Null Damage Wall
Max Luck: 99
Obtain: Evolution



Strike ShotFinal Eclipse
Attacks enemies on contact with an ice shower; high chance of inducing sleep.
Cooldown: 24 Turns
Bump ComboEx Laser L
Attacks in an X pattern with 4 large elemental lasers.
Power: 6237
Stats Lvl 1 Max lvl Bonus Total
Health 11,495 19,874 3,900 23774
Attack 20,444 29,700 2,800 32500
Speed 138.97 158.97 76.16 235
Monster Strengths
  • High ATK and HP
  • Relatively quick strikeshot
  • Rare Galaxite class (no slayers exist)
Monster Weaknesses
  • Low SPD
  • Power-type marbles decelerate faster and have a weaker bump-combo
  • Strikeshot does very little damage
Overall Evaluation

Monster Strike Haiku! // Eclipse, why are you so slow? // Must be the muscles. //

This holds true to Mechanized Eclipse, who despite his high direct-damage, neutral element, and Null Damage-wall ability, has a weak offense because of his slow speed, poor bump-combo, and nerfed strikeshot (this ice-meteor only does 78k of damage, and while the chance to inflict sleep is high it is not guaranteed). Because of their NDW, Eclipse can enter a good number of quests, but he only fares well in those with tight spaces.

His ascension is much more useful, boasting an additional Ability and a more damaging SS (though with a lower chance of hypnotizing enemies); the materials (Hydra and Deathscoil) are not that difficult to acquire either. Skip evolving Eclipse if you can.

Divination Materials:
Divine Sharl x 2
Dark Sharl x 30
Dark Stoan x 50
Ascension Materials:
#735 Hydra x 2
#534 Deathscoil x 1

#754 Grand Eclipse
Base Monster:
#268 Eclipse