#275 Mechanized Saturn ★6
Monster Rating
Class: Nebulan
Type: Speed
Ability: Flight / Fiend Slayer
Max Luck: 99
Obtain: Evolution



Strike ShotSilent Genesis
Explodes with Saturnine power and does damage to all foes in the vicinity.
Cooldown: 24 Turns
Bump ComboSpread Shot XL3
Fires 3 16-way sprays of massive elemental bullets
Power: 2812
Stats Lvl 1 Max lvl Bonus Total
Health 11,540 19,961 3,900 23861
Attack 11,606 21,082 2,800 23882
Speed 280.00 287.33 76.16 363
Monster Strengths
  • Flight Ability + Fiend-class Slayer
  • Fiend Slayer is an active ability and will carry over into the bump-combo
  • Strikeshot emits a blast that can activate allies' bump-combos
Monster Weaknesses
  • Weak bump-combo
Overall Evaluation

Saturn is a fairly non-descript monster; he has Flight, but what's more notable is his Slayer ability. While you can count the number of 6-star, water-element, Fiend-class bosses on your fingers, Saturn's stats are still fairly good (including a rather high ATK for a Speed-type) that he can also be used to tackle non-boss enemies as well. Unfortunately without more Null abilities or a flashy bump-combo, he'll likely be ignored for the likes of Flor (stronger slayer) or Striker Jr. (same ability set and easier to obtain).

On the plus side, Saturn is a rare Nebulan class; only a handful of Savage quests have bosses that can slay them (Ogron is the only extreme that has Nebulan Slayer, and it's only in the form of a mini-boss). The strikeshot, which adds a gigablast to the first hit, is also quite strong.

Base Monster:
#274 Saturn