#440 Margarite the Faerie ★6
Monster Rating




Class: Sprite
Type: Balanced
Ability: Null Gravity Barrier
Max Luck: 99
Obtain: Evolution



Strike ShotApsara's Servant
Uses water spirit power to revel a boss's weak points on contact.
Cooldown: 25 Turns
Bump ComboOne-Way Laser XL
Attacks upward with a massive elemental laser.
Power: 24255
Stats Lvl 1 Max lvl Bonus Total
Health 11,194 19,361 3,900 23261
Attack 16,461 29,901 5,850 35751
Speed 200.00 205.23 41.65 247
Evolution vs Ascension


  • +3000 attack vs Ascension


  • +25 speed vs Evolution
  • Wood Ex-Laser S

Reccomended - EVOLUTION:

  • The evolution has higher attack and lower speed allowing easier positioning for her One-way laser.
Monster Strengths

High Attack

  • Very high attack damage for a balanced type.  With Null Gravity Barrier, you can expect consistent damage in many quests.  Her One-Way Laser bump combo deals a hefty 24,000+ damage.

Strike Shot Synergy

  • Strike Shot reveals all weaknesses on a boss.  Helps maxamize damage dealt to boss by increasing probability of hitting a weak point or by increasing damage done by hitting multiple weak points.  Also synergizes well with own One-way Laser.
Monster Weaknesses

Positioning is difficult

  • Null Gravity Barrier does not allow deliberate positioning in Gravity barrier.  Player skill is required to make her effective.  Not putting stats into her speed is a strategy some players implement to slow her down for easier positioning.

Strike Shot is support oriented

  • It is difficult to deal a high amount of damage with her Strike Shot alone.  Expect high damage output on sequential turns where allies can attack/Strike Shot.
Overall Evaluation

Margarite is an extremely versatile monster that brings so much to any team composition in terms of utility and raw power.  Bringing Margarite to the Impossible event quest Izanami will greatly increase your wining percentage.  Margartie requires a certain amount of skill and good judgement to reach her full potential.

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Ascension Materials:
#298 Emerald Dragon x3
#240 Scylla x1

#441 Goddess Margarite
Base Monster:
#439 Margarite