#687 Sacrificial Princess Kushinada ★6
Monster Rating
Class: Demihume
Type: Speed
Ability: Minesweeper
Gauge Shot: Null Damage Wall / Vivolith Slayer
Max Luck: 99
Obtain: Evolution



Strike ShotYakumo
Motivates teammates with nebulous power and leads them against the enemy.
Cooldown: 24 Turns
Bump ComboPlasma
Connects to teammate with a plasma beam to attack foes.
Power: 7090
Stats Lvl 1 Max lvl Bonus Total
Health 9,837 17,005 3,900 20905
Attack 8,355 15,666 5,350 21016
Speed 287.10 328.07 115.60 444
Monster Strengths

Plasma Bump Combo:

  • A plasma "cord" is created between the ally monster that bumps Kushinada.  Synergizes especially well with fast and pierce types monsters.
  • Skilled positiong/aiming can deal up to 300,000 damage.

High Damage Strike Shot:

  • Causes all allies to move in the same direction as Kushinada.
  • Triggers plasma bump combo which has potential to deal over 1 million damage with all monsters moving.

High Versaitility:

  • Minesweeper / Vivolith Slayer
  • Null Damage Wall
Monster Weaknesses

Low HP:

  • Base HP is low.  Even hypermaxed, it is still only 21,000.  Compensate by taking other monsters with higher HP.

Weak to Gravity Barrier:

  • Strike shot becomes less effective when stuck in gravity barrier.  Monsters that lack NGB find it difficult to activate her plasma bump combo.
Overall Evaluation

Kushinada's unique bump compo, versatile ability set, and powerful strike shot make her one of the best monsters in the game.  Although she lacks Null Gravity Barrier, she is proven to be useful in many quests and can fulfill many roles (support, high damage dealer).

Base Monster:
#686 Kushinada