#973 Moon Reverie Tsukuyomi ★6
Monster Rating
Class: Deity
Type: Speed
Ability: Minesweeper / Beast Slayer
Gauge Shot: Null Warp / Deity Slayer
Max Luck: 99
Obtain: Evolution



Strike ShotFly Me To The Moon
Sends the first contacted enemy flying and restores HP.
Cooldown: 20 Turns
Bump ComboLightning 6
Randomly attacks foes with 6 lightning shots.
Power: 15360
Stats Lvl 1 Max lvl Bonus Total
Health 10,067 17,402 3,900 21302
Attack 8,433 15,811 5,400 21211
Speed 260.37 297.50 105.40 403
Monster Strengths

Double Null and Double Slayer

Tsukuyomi has two null abilities and two slayer abilities. She can sweep mines with no warps getting in her way. Her Beast Slayer can clear the buffalos and gasmask monsters with ease. The Deity Slayer is useful in Extreme/Impossible dungeons since there are lot of Deity bosses.

Healing SS

Her strike shot can deal around 800k damage and heals you for 40k all at once. This can be useful if you are low on HP and there are no heart items available. The heal is static so in the worst case scenerio, you can just hit even a mob to heal for 40k. 

Monster Weaknesses

Random Bump Combo

Her bump combo is strong and have a low chance of stunning monsters it hits. However, it is random so the lightning can hit a shield or drone.


Since she is a pierce monster, it is hard to deal a high amount of damage with her normal attacks. Also she doesn't have a bump combo that can deal consistant damage.

Overall Evaluation

Tsukuyomi is a must have monster for players. Although she is not highly regarded when compared to other Impossible monsters due to her low carrying potential, she is a monster that helps you when you are in a pinch. Future dungeons will have only mines and warps and she will be top picks for them. She is also viable in multiple Impossible dungeons.

Base Monster:
#972 Tsukuyomi